A Sky Painted Gold by Laura Wood

A Sky Painted Gold


A Sky Painted Gold isn’t the type of book I’d pick up in a shop; it’s too positive & doesn’t have enough magic (at least, not the usual YA magic) but Scholastic sent it to me so I read it… & boy am I glad I did. I adored this beautiful story & it’s definitely one I’ll return to in the future.

I was sent this book by Scholastic UK in return for an honest review.


Lou lives in the countryside with her perfect family but longs to get more out of life; she spends her days hidden in an empty manor house, reading her way through it’s expansive library… but, when the owners of the manor return Lou thinks she’s lost her safe haven, but has she? Or will she discover something even more incredible in the Cardew siblings than she did in their books?

This book has been nicknamed the modern version of The Great Gatsby, but I think that sells A Sky Painted Gold a little short; Laura hasn’t just rewritten or recreated the story of Gatsby – she’s come up with her own story that only includes small similarities to the classic & what she has created is something far better. A Sky Painted Gold is a story of friendship, longing for more & about discovering who you are; it’s a coming-of-age book, but it’s so wonderfully written that it becomes so much more than just that.

This book takes you on more of an adventure than a lot of fantasy books; it pulls you into the magic of it’s story, without there being any actual magic involved, & you come out of it feeling all shiny & new. The way Laura has crafted this story makes it feel impossible to put down & makes you feel like you’re dreaming; the perfect descriptions of the locations & people are full of so many small details that you can’t help but get lost in them. When I think back to reading this book, I think of glitter. In my head I see my hands becoming covered in glitter as I move deeper & deeper into the story.

This book is summer, good food & glitter (I don’t like summer but I mean it in a good way); it’s fun & happy, & leaves a warm feeling building up inside you. This book is everything that’s good about reading & it’s books like this that make me glad I’m a reviewer.

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