Doctor Who: The Feast of the Drowned by Stephen Cole

The Feast of the Drowned

As part of my 2018 reading challenges I told myself I would read at least one Doctor Who novel a month – last month I flunked & ran out of time so I didn’t end up reading one… so when I picked up The Feast of the Drowned I was super excited. For that reason, it sucks so badly that I didn’t really enjoy it.






So, like I said, I didn’t really enjoy The Feast of the Drowned – & there’s a couple of reasons why… firstly, the characters; this book is supposed to include Billie Piper as Rose Tyler & David Tennant as The Doctor – but it kinda’ didn’t. Yes, Rose was in the middle of the story, but it definitely didn’t feel like it… her personality didn’t shine out of the pages at all & I didn’t hear any of her lines in my head like I have done with other Doctor Who novels involving Rose. I will say though, Cole managed to get Mickey Smith & Rose’s mother right *eye roll*.

The Tenth incarnation of the Doctor was also supposed to be in this book, but this Doctor felt more like a combination of Nine & Eleven – which, you guessed it, was weird as f. But there were some parts where the Doctor didn’t even feel like either of this incarnations either. Sometimes he was sarcastic & sometimes he was funny & making childish jokes, but he was also flirting a lot & was arrogant in a way that I’ve never seen the Doctor behave. I didn’t hear any of the voices of the Doctor whilst reading this story & it just made the whole read fall flat.

As for the plot – yawn. Literally – at times I couldn’t keep my eyes open because the story was so dull; it dragged out so much & the whole time I was like – am I still not done?! The book was so much longer than it needed to be & then the ending happened within a blink of an eye. I didn’t like the descriptions of the aliens at all & found the information about them confusing. For once, I really, really don’t wish this was an episode.

I apologise for this negative & moan-filled review but I just really didn’t like this book – the only reason it got two stars & not one is because there was nothing overtly offensive about it; just it’s totally crap attempt at my favourite incarnation of the Doctor & my favourite companion. I’m not even putting purchase links on this review, soz.

Hopefully The Resurrection Casket by Justin Richards will be better.


3 thoughts on “Doctor Who: The Feast of the Drowned by Stephen Cole

  1. I believe I own this book myself. I still want to read it, but I will be approaching it with more caution when I get around to it after reading this review. I wonder if I will have the same thoughts you do about how the doctor is presented, since it is supposed to be the tenth doctor. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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