Meghan: A Hollywood Princess by Andrew Morton

Meghan, A Hollywood Princess

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know I’m royally obsessed with our brand new Princess; Meghan is a smart, beautiful & caring woman that I’m sure will bring incredible things to our monarchy… but, before her relationship with Prince Harry I knew nothing about Meghan, so buying this book was an absolute must for me. Andrew Morton did not disappoint & I thoroughly enjoyed every page of this book.




Writing reviews for books based on fact is a very different ballgame to reviewing fiction; you can’t really judge the content of the story or the characters – but you can comment on how the story has been presented. In that respect, Andrew Morton did a good job – in my opinion, he’s written about Meghan’s life up until her romance with Prince Harry in a very balanced & un-opinionated way, & the book ended with a very positive look at the newly weds’ relationship & how it first blossomed. I enjoyed Andrew’s writing & felt that he focused on all the right things – although I wish I knew why Meghan doesn’t go by the name she was given at birth (Rachel).

As for Meghan’s personal story – I loved learning more about our new Princess, the Princess that I am truly obsessed with & it was nice to know how she got involved with the different charities & charity missions she was so passionate about before meeting Harry. It was also lovely to know how genuinely perfect Prince Harry & Meghan are for one another & I’m really excited to watch their relationship grow & develop over the coming years.

I genuinely do recommend this book for anyone who wants to learn more about our new Add to goodreadsPrincess; it’s great for someone like me, who only knows of Meghan because of her relationship with Harry, & for people who were following her life beforehand. | | Book Depository | Waterstones | Wordery







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