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Wolf Boy is a Narnia-esque story about young Connor who, you guessed it, falls into a land in his wardrobe with a couple of friends – this world isn’t made up of snow & Fauns though… instead there are wolves & snake-dogs, led by an unknown human, that want Connor & his friends dead. Wolf Boy is based upon a nice idea, but the execution wasn’t perfect.

I received this book free from Rachel’s Resources in return for an honest review as part of the official blog tour.



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Peragrim was his name. An inhuman human sworn to destroy his quarry, three human children – Connor, Evey and Billy. They had been transported to a world ruled by the Wolf People, but Peragrim was waiting for them

At first Wolf Boy felt a little confusing, with contradictory descriptions of Connor’s supposed blindness* & the fast moving pace of the story – but it did get better. I loved the Narnia-esque wardrobe world & as you should all realise, I of course loved the inclusion of wolves (even if they did all seem to be male…). I also liked side-kick Evey – but I can’t say I’m happy she was the only girl that the book focused on. Connor was an interesting protagonist; but I didn’t see the point of Billy – his character could have been merged with Evey… there’s no reason she couldn’t have been the “tough one”.

We follow Connor, Evey & Billy the bully into this world full of wolves, but before we can even get to their city, Connor’s entourage are attacked by a band of snake-dogs; creatures that slither & spit acid (not sure what the “dog” part was). These creatures almost succeed in capturing Connor, but he & his friends escape just in time. Inside the walls of the city Connor & friends are treated like royalty – until war between the snake-dogs & the wolves breaks out. The snake-dogs are led by a fellow human, but no one knows who he is or why he wants the wolves dead.

He now knew that he had been disabled by acid-spit of a snake-dog”
Not a cool use of the word ‘disabled’ bro.

Wolf Boy was odd, & sometimes difficult to follow, but I still found myself unable to put it down & I was with Connor, Evey & Billy right until the very end. I found the war between wolves & snake-dogs to be unpredictable – but the identity of the human leading the snake-dogs was a little obvious. The end of the book was packed with action, but then fell a little flat on the ending. The book finished with a lot of unanswered questions & no clear indication that Wolf Boy is the start of a series – I have so many questions written in my notebook so if there is a sequel I will be reading it, just in the hope that those questions will get answered.

Overall, I did read this book cover to cover, & I did enjoy it somewhat… but it felt more childish than a lot of middle-grade books & was definitely not as well developed as it could be. I hope that G. D. Sammon’s writing improves in their next book & that it will be a sequel to Wolf Boy.

Note: This book does not include blind/disabled representation.


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Gerry Sammon is a journalist and former newspaper editor based in Bolton, Lancashire.

Gerry SammonFrom September 2015 he has been a tutor in Media Law at News Associates in Manchester, an award-winning private training provider, tutoring trainee journalists in media law and ethics. He also teaches media law to students at Manchester Metropolitan University, and at the University of Central Lancashire based in Preston.

He has travelled widely, both for business and on family holidays.

The idea for Wolf Boy came from a dream my daughters used to have when they were small children. The elder daughter would dream there was a wolf in the wardrobe (this is how our adventure begins in Wolf Boy), and my youngest daughter had a dream that a crocodile lived under her bed.

Gerry is married, with two grown-up daughters

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2 thoughts on “Blog Tour: Wolf Boy by G. D. Sammon

  1. Thanks for sharing this review. I’m currently building my summer reading list, do you have any other recommendations?


    • My favourite books are Shadows on the Moon by Zoë Marriott, The Beast Player by Nahoko Uehashi, The Crystal Ribbon by Celeste Lim & The Red Ribbon by Lucy Adlington x


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