Over the last week some of you may have noticed that I’ve had hardly any posts scheduled; & for that I’m sorry, but the truth is – I’m knackered! Since starting my new job I’m finding it hard to get through as many books as I would like, & when it gets to my three day weekend (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) all I want to do is chill & read, so writing has started to feel like a little bit of a chore. Which sucks. I love my blog & that’s absolutely not going to change anytime soon; I love being able to share my love (& sometimes hate) of the books I read & I adore being able to let you know about up-coming releases as well but I need to make some changes to how & when I post. 

When I first started this blog I was posting reviews whenever; sometimes there would one up three days in a row, & sometimes reviews would be a week apart… after I finished university, during the time before I started working, I set my blog into a routine of posts; Mondays would be medical, Tuesdays would be tags, Wednesdays would be random, Thursdays would be Throwbacks & Fridays would be reviews, with one Sunday a month being a sum-up of the month before (& for a while Saturdays being dedicated to Syringomyelia). I loved being able to post every weekday & loved watching my views & following numbers rise, but unfortunately, now that I am working, that schedule just isn’t possible anymore.

I also want to make this change now because I’m hoping to go back to university in January, I will tell you more about this in due time, as I haven’t even sent in my application yet, but I know that studying will impact my ability to write for my blog so I’d rather change my posting habits now, rather than later when it might cause more stress.

I’m still going to be reviewing pretty much every book I read – be it one that I’ve bought or one that I’ve been sent – & I’ll still post about medically related issues on Mondays, but it won’t be every Monday (as it hasn’t been for the last few weeks) & I’m going to try & get some more guest posts set up soon. I still owe you a post on how my disabilities/illnesses have affected my friendships as part of the Friendships Guest Post series I recently hosted; & I promise you that post will go up eventually, but it’ll be a tough post to write so I need to be in the right frame of mind to do so. I’ll also still do tags, but it’ll only be ones I’ve been tagged in or one’s that I really like the look of – even though these posts are incredibly popular, they take a lot of time to put together sometimes.

Basically, what I’m saying is that my posts are going to be fewer & more far between for the foreseeable future – some weeks may have a post everyday, but most weeks may only have one or two. I’m sad that I’m having to make this change, but it’s a necessary change so that I don’t become overly stressed & so that I don’t lose my love for blogging. What I really need from my followers now is support; I know that not having as many views is going to affect my confidence, so I need y’all to back me here & tell me that I’m not a  total failure 😂

I hope you’ll stick with me through this change, as I’m really quite fond of y’all.


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