I saw this tag done by Kris over at Boston Book Reader back in April;
you can find Kris’ answers here!


01. How many books is too many books in a series?

Well, I’ve read all of the House of Night series, which includes 12 books in the main series, 4 novellas, The Fledgling Handbook, a book about the history & mythology included in the series & a collection of graphic novels – & even though I adored the series when I was younger… that is definitely too much. Generally, I like trilogies, but quartets can work as well – despite this, I’m very much into standalone novels these days.

02. How do you feel about cliffhangers?

At the time, I usually love the excitement & suspense they create – if I can move straight onto the next book then great, but the hype of a cliffhanger can often wear off during the wait for the next book so I guess they’re not all that.

03. Hardback or paperback?

Hardback for longevity but paperback for ease-of-reading.

04. Favourite book?

Currently, Shadows on the Moon by Zoë Marriott & The Beast Player by Nahoko Uehashi are my favourite books. The Micah Grey books by Laura Lam make up my favourite series.

05. Least favourite book?

I feel like I can only answer this question with a book I’ve read cover to cover & I can’t think of one so 🤷‍♀️

06. Love triangles, yes or no?

Generally, I don’t like love plots so no thanks!

07. The most recent book you just couldn’t finish?

The Years, Months, Days by Yan Lianke

08. A book you’re currently reading?

The Illumination of Ursula Flight by Anna-Marie Crowhurst

09. Last book you recommended to someone?

Probably In Order to Live by Yeonmi Park

10. Oldest book you’ve read?

Pride & Prejudice (at school)

11. Newest book you’ve read?

The Smoke Thieves by Sally Green!

12. Favourite author?

Laura Lam

13. Buying books or borrowing books?

I love the library, but I love owning books more.

14. A book you dislike that everyone seems to like?

The Twilight Saga? Maybe. Idk.

15. Bookmarks or dog-ears?

Bookmarks give me life

16. A book you can always read?

Sinner by Maggie Stiefvater.

17. Can you read whilst listening to music?

It depends how good the book is, I guess

18. One point-of-view, or multiple points-of-view?

I like both, as long as they’re done well. In some books multiple points-of-view are very important, whilst in others they’re an unnecessary faff.

19. Do you read books in one sitting or over multiple days?

If I had the time I suspect I’d read most books in one sitting, but alas, working means that isn’t possible.

20. One book you read because of the cover:

99% percent of them…

 I tag all of you!


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  1. Yes, 12+ books in a series is a bit much for me too! As much as I LOVE series, they usually reach a point eventually where I feel like I’m ready for them to end. And I also don’t really have a POV number preference, just whatever the story requires. The problem is when authors start throwing in a bunch of unnecessary POVs and taking away from the important stuff!

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