Back in February, Amie of Amiiie’s Books did this tag & as there are a few books on my read list that I either can’t remember ever reading or can’t remember the plot of, I thought it would be a suitable tag for me to do! You can find Amie’s top 5 here.


Dead Until DarkSookie Stackhouse is just a small-time cocktail waitress in small-town Louisiana. Until the vampire of her dreams walks into her life-and one of her coworkers checks out….

Maybe having a vampire for a boyfriend isn’t such a bright idea

I got this & the second book in the Sookie Stackhouse series from the library when I first got into reading because I absolutely loved the show of the books, True Blood… unfortunately, Charlaine Harris didn’t write her own story as well as the writers of the show & the original plot has faded from my memory. The one thing I remember? The writing was crap.


The Probable FutureWhen the women in the Sparrow family reach thirteen, they develop a unique ability. In young Stella Sparrow’s case, the gift, which is both a blessing and a curse, turns out to be the ability to see a person’s probable future- When Stella foresees a gruesome murder, she tells her charming, feckless father about it, but too late. The murder has already been committed and suspicion falls on him. Her mother Jenny, can read other people’s dreams, but sometimes misinterprets them, to her own cost. Stella has to hide out with her grandmother, Elinor (who can always tell a liar but is more interested in hybrid roses than humanity). A widow, she lives alone in curious Cake House, close by the overgrown woods and the hour-glass lake where 300 years ago Rebecca Sparrow, a washergirl with a deadly gift, was drowned. In Unity, Mass., families go back years, and the same prejudices and mistakes are recycled over generations. Stella herself brings light and irreverent curiosity to this closed world (& falls in love), but the dark thread of the past meets the sinister trail of contemporary murder in the frightening climax to this enthralling tale. Hoffman unlocks the caskets of family life and the secret history of a community, in a gripping story about young love and old love, about making choices – usually the wrong ones – about foresight and consequences, all suffused with the haunting scent of phlox and roses, wisteria and peach blossom, and the hum of bees.

I gave this book a measly two star rating; in my review I wrote “If I had left the entire review until the end of the book then this would be a very different review. More positive, less bored. The last 68 pages were really good. This book had so much potential so I’m utterly devastated that I only properly enjoyed around 25% of the story.” I have a strong love-hate relationship with Hoffman’s books & this is one of the more hate-able ones.


WormwoodIn 1756 London, Agetta Lamian fears the end of the world is near. She’s the housemaid of Dr. Sabian Blake, who recently acquired a legendary book said to unlock the secrets of the universe, and overhears his prediction that a comet called Wormwood is headed toward London.

I believe that I picked up this book in a charity shop because of it’s stunning cover, but it’s stunning cover is about all I remember about this book. I rated it three stars, so it can’t have been awful but it obviously wasn’t great either.


CorbenicCal has struggled to cope with his mother’s drinking and her psychotic episodes since he was six; cooped up in their dirty council flat he dreams of a new life. So when he leaves to live with his uncle Trevor in Chepstow he is ruthless about breaking with the past, despite his mother’s despair. But getting off the train at the wrong station he finds himself at the castle of the Fisher King, and from then on moves in a nightmare spiral of predetermined descent into a wasteland of desolation and adventure, always seeking the way back to the Grail he has betrayed. Catherine Fisher has created a gripping and highly moving novel that moves between myth and a contemporary journey of self-knowledge until one becomes indistinguishable from the other. Drawing in Arthurian themes, historical re-enactments and the Four Hallows, Cal’s quest for a return to peace of mind is an elaborate and ambitious Grail novel for our time.

Another three star charity find… I remember this book attempted to be horror, but that it didn’t quite get there. Despite what this post suggests; I have actually found some great books in charity shops; I promise.


Lake of DreamsThe darkest secrets are the ones we hide from ourselves…

Ten years ago, traumatized by her father’s death, Lucy left her home and her country. Now, she returns to her family’s rambling lakeside home to lay old ghosts to rest. 

However, sleepless one night, she makes a momentous discovery. Locked in a moonlit window seat is a collection of family heirlooms – objects whose secrets no one was ever supposed to find. 

Piecing together her family’s true history, she realises that the story she has always been told was a fiction. And the more she uncovers, the more Lucy comes to question her own life choices – including why it is that her first lover, Keegan Fall, has never left her heart…

Another one for the three star forgettable pile! I remember this book disappointing me because I expected some magic because of the title, but there wasn’t any; but I don’t remember much about the plot.


If any of these books are your favs, then I apologise; but if we all loved the same literature it wouldn’t be so varied & fantastic. All of the books mentioned in this post are from a few years ago, & that’s because I remember the majority of the books I’ve read recently – if any of these books have caught your eye then you can click on the covers for their GoodReads pages! Can you remember everything about all the books you’ve read? Let me know in the comments or tag me in your own attempt at this post!


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