Throwback Thursday

TouchedRowena Crale and her family have moved from London.

They now live in a small English village in a cottage which seems to be resisting all attempts at renovation.
Walls ooze damp, stains come through layers of wallpaper, celings sag.
And strange noises – voices – emanate from empty rooms.
As Rowena struggles with the upheaval of builders while trying to be a dutiful wife and a good mother to her young children, her life starts to disintegrate.
And then, one by one, her daughters go missing …


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GoodReads Review: January 26th 2016

It was a three star up until the end, I much preferred You by Briscoe but this book was hauntingly beautiful. I finished it thinking of Blue Diary by Alice Hoffman. I wish more of the story had been from Eva’s perspective, but just like with You the ending contained plot twists I really didn’t expect. Apart from Freddie, I worked that out quite soon into the book.


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