I first saw this tag when Kristyn did it over on her blog TheBibliophileEmpress & as I love books & my bed it seemed like the perfect tag for me to do! The tag was created by Kelly’sBookSpill over on YouTube & you can find Kristyn’s answers to the questions here!

01. What book kept you up all night reading?

Paris Adrift
It took me a while to finish this book because I was really tired from work the whole time I was reading it, so when I finally had a night when I didn’t have to worry about getting up in the morning I fully threw myself into finishing Paris Adrift; & I’m so glad I did because it shook me to my core. You can read my review for it here.

02. What book made you scared to go to sleep?

The Astonishing Colour of After.jpg

I don’t tend to read scary books, so when I read this question I was a bit stumped, but then I thought of how I had weird dreams the whole time I was reading The Astonishing Colour of After, so I guess that kind of fits into this answer. I’d just had surgery when I started reading this book, so it’s possible the weird dreams are to do with all the medication they gave me, but it could also be because of how vivid the colour descriptions are in the book.

03. What book almost put you to sleep?

The Toy Makers

When I got accepted on NetGalley to review this book I was sooo excited, but it ended up being a bit of a flop. The pacing in The Toy Makers was totally out of sync for me & it felt like I’d spent weeks reading the book, when it had only been a few days. I never finished it because it was just so dull.

04. Which book had you tossing & turning in anticipation of its release?

The Beast Player

When I knew I was being sent an ARC of this book I was definitely tossing & turning in anticipation of it’s arrival, & then when I was reading it I was tossing & turning because I was desperate to finish it & when I finished it I couldn’t wait for other people to start reading it so we could talk about it. I love this book.

05. What book has your dream boyfriend?

I don’t think I have one at the moment… I’ve been reading a lot of books that are focused on strong female leads, without many annoying romances in the background, so right now I can’t think of anyone I’d call my dream boyfriend (other than my real-life boyfriend, of course…)

06. What book would be a nightmare to live in?

The Extinction Trials

loved this book, like really, really loved it; but there is no way I could live in this world – I couldn’t live on the human’s continent because there’s just so many people & not enough space, & I would never survive on the dinosaur’s continent, especially when you consider how unfit I am & my disabilities ahah.

07. What book reminds you of nighttime?

Daughter of the Burning City

This is such an obvious answer but I don’t care; the Gomorrah Festival is a place I would love to visit, & one of the main reasons is because it’s open at night time.

08. What book has a nightmarish cliffhanger?

Crash Land on Kurai

As soon as I finished this I ordered a print copy of it, & of it’s sequel – the ending was sooo good & left me desperate for the next instalment.

09. What book have you actually dreamt about?

I genuinely can’t remember what the last book I dreamt about was…

10. What fictional monster would you not like to find hiding under your bed?

I don’t seem to have an answer for this one either! Sorry folks.

Tag me if you decide to do this tag so I can see your answers!


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