My New Domain Name

So, I’m hoping that some of you may have noticed that the link to my blog has now changed! My original web address was, but it’s now, something that I am so, so excited about! Although I’m still using wordpress as a helping hand with my blog, I definitely now feel like my blog is more my own & I’m also hoping it’ll help publishing houses see me as more professional.

The reason I wanted to make this change is basically for the reasons I stated above; I wanted my blog to feel more like my own & for it to come across more professional to the publishers I get in contact with! I’ve also wanted to make this change for a while because “writingwolves” wasn’t the name I initially wanted for my blog, instead I wanted it to be called “writingwithwolves” (as in, running with wolves, but without all the sweating, ha). Unfortunately, when I created my blog was already being used by another blogger meaning I couldn’t have it, so I edited it slightly to writingwolves. But finally, I have the name I’ve always wanted for my site!!

I’ve also been asked why I decided to make the change to my blog now & the reason is because I got my first full month’s pay from my new job at the nursery! I would have made the change ages ago, but I couldn’t afford to. It’s as simple as that.

Anyway, I hope you guys like the new name
because I’m obsessed with it & want to tell everyone about it aha.
Yay me!


3 thoughts on “My New Domain Name

  1. Ooooh are you paying I personally recommend switching to self-hosting if you want your own domain–the minimum is more expensive ($99) but you get 3 years out of that which is so much cheaper in the long run. I read a really good post on this from Jenn you do you, of course, but I did want to let you know that I looked this stuff up and it’s way more expensive and restrictive on! hope this helps a little!

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