Medical MondaysFriendship Guest Post #1

This week marks the first week of my series of friendship guest posts; this series is going to involve other people writing about how being unwell or disabled, either mentally or physically, has affected the friendships in their lives – either in a positive or negative way. The reason I wanted to get people together to write about this topic is because I have had some really difficult experiences of people turning their backs on me due to my bad health, but I’ve never felt comfortable enough to write about it for my Medical Mondays series… I then thought that there may be other people out there feeling the same way, & by getting together to write about these things it might make it easier for us to deal with the heartaches we may have dealt with. Equally, I’ve met some wonderful people online through my illnesses & I’d like to celebrate those friendships on here.

This week’s post has been written by 25-year-old Megz Jones; Megz has type 2 bipolar disorder, so her post will of course contain discussions of this illness, as well as her difficulties with maintaining friendships because of her manic & depressive episodes. Megz ends her post on a positive note though, so it’s not all “doom & gloom”. Continue reading