Medical MondaysA Medically-Induced Hiatus Update

So! A week ago I told y’all that I was taking a week off from posting due to bad health & being totally behind on scheduling posts, but I’m hoping that things can go back to normal now… maybe. In that post I also told you that I was due to have a procedure on my bladder; as I wrote in my Sum-Up Sundays yesterday, the procedure went fine & apart from some pain I’m doing okay.

I had my procedure last Tuesday, but I also had it done back in January of 2017 – after I had the procedure done in 2017 I wrote a very detailed post about what I had done, & why, which you can find here, but for anyone who doesn’t want to read all the gory details here is a very brief explanation:

I have a condition called interstitial cystitis, which is a permanent version of the everyday cystitis than many people deal with all the time – with my version of the condition, I cannot be cured, but the condition goes through phases of not really being there at all to really bad flare ups. The flare ups include pain in my bladder & pain when urinating – but without actually having a UTI. On the inside, a flare up involves my bladder developing red blotches all over it as the mucus that protects the bladder lining from the acid in urine has broken away.

The procedure I had done involves a camera being put into my bladder via my urethra (a cystoscopy) so that the surgeons can see how bad the damage is; next a special fluid is put into my bladder, to the point where my bladder is stretched – I’m not sure why this works, but apparently this helps the mucus to re-develop on the inside of my bladder. After this, I then had to have my urethra stretched; this is because my urethra tightens itself up every time I get a UTI (which happens quite a lot to me) or an interstitial cystitis flare up… this basically means, my urethra doesn’t like being hurt by the cystitis or infections so it tries to close in on itself so that it doesn’t have to deal with the pain – but, this means that I struggle to urinate & I have to really force my urine out (ever been constipated? It’s a bit like that, but my bladder, not my bowels). As I had this procedure done last year, it looks like this might become a yearly thing for me – what fun!

As I said, if you’d like to know more (or would like to see some digital images of the procedure or some photographs of interstitial cystitis inside the bladder) you can find the original post here. Some of you may remember that I also had a horrible chest infection & a head cold – the chest infection has mostly gone now, but I’m still full of cold, which sucks.


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