Book Titles Tag

I was tagged to do this post by Jacquie over at RattleTheStarsSite quite a while ago, so I thought it was about time I got around to doing my version of the tag! The tag was originally created by Rachel Reads over on YouTube – you can find the original post here & find Jacquie’s post here.

01. Title That’s The Story of Your Life:

Fools & Mortals

02. Title That Describes Your Perfect Weekend:

West End Girls(but with my boyfriend, not “girls”)

03. Title of an Adventure That You Would Like To Go On:

Crash Land on Kurai

04. Title You Want To Name Your Child:

Henry VIII

05. Title of Your Ideal Job:

The Day She Saved The Doctor

06. Title of a Place That You’d Like to Visit:

Paris Adrift

07. Title of Your Love Life:

Only Ever Yours

08. Questions You Ask Yourself:

Am I Crazy

09. Title of A Kingdom You’d Like to Rule or Name:

Shadows on the MoonThe Moonlit Lands

10. Title You’d Name Your Band:


11. What is Your Current Mood?

The Very Hungry Catapillar

12. What is Your Favourite Colour?


13. How Do You Feel About 2018 So Far?


14. Where Do You Want to Travel?


15. What Are Your Summer Plans:

Lost in a Book

16. What Are Your 2018 Goals?

The Little Shop of Happy Ever After

I tag:


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