The Book Reapers Rebrand Blitz

The Book Reapers new cover.jpg

In anticipation of the second book, Carousel of Faults, author Mark C. King & publishing house Snowy Wings Publishing have decided to set up a rebrand blitz for the first book in King’s series; The Book Reapers.

I was sent a copy of this book to review a while ago & seeing the new cover has definitely encouraged me to pick the book up soon! Honestly, I absolutely love it & it’s definitely better than the original cover (sorry, original cover designer).


Victorian England, 1891. Naomi Gladwyn is an awkward girl who is uncomfortable in crowds, has more self-doubt than confidence, and would much rather sit quietly reading than attend the most lavish of celebrations. After the deaths of her parents and her uncle’s mysterious disappearance along with the rest of the crew of the infamous ghost ship Mary Celeste, her prospects look grim. But just before her eighteenth birthday, when she’s to be sent to live out her days in a work house, she runs away—and finds herself swept into the dark world of the Book Reapers, a secret society that knows there’s more to some books than meets the eye.

Naomi always thought reading was her safest refuge.
But she’s about to learn that some books are very dangerous…

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