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I saw this tag being done over on RattleTheStars & as it was an open tagging I thought I’d give it ago! You can find Jacquie’s answers to these questions here & the tag was original created by BookTuber Charly Reynhorse.

1. How Many Books Do You Usually Read At Once?

Ah, well this is complicated. In 2017 I did this thing where I read the A Song of Ice & Fire books on a Monday & I planned to continue this habit with the Outlander series but for some reason this just never happened… well it will do now because I’m doing to make sure I do it. Anyway, that makes one book, then I have whatever book I’m generally reading, which makes two. Occasionally, I may pick up another book if I’m struggling with my main read… so usually I’m only reading one or two books, but sometimes it can be three or four.

2. If You’re Reading More Than One Book At A Time, How Do You Decide When To Switch To Reading The Other Book?

Okay, so like I said above, in 2017 I read certain books on a Monday – I did this because the books in A Song of Ice & Fire are super long & I didn’t want to destroy my brain by trying to read them everyday, with nothing else so I decided to pick them up once a week. If I’ve got other books going on I usually just pick up whichever ones I fancy at that moment; but, if one or more of the books I’m reading are ARCs then I’ll try & finish the one that is due out first, first.

3. Do You Ever Switch Bookmarks Whilst You’re Part Way Through A Book?

Generally, no. But! I like my main book to be the one that is being marked by my favourite bookmark, so if I pick up a new book & prefer it to the other one I’m currently reading I’ll get another book mark for the one I’ve abandoned & will use my fav bookmark (currently a mermaid one) on my new main read.

4. Where Do You Keep The Book You’re Currently Reading?

Most of the time on the side of the bed that I don’t sleep on, but when Sam stays over my book/s get moved to the top of my chest of drawers.

5. What Time Of Day Do You Spend The Most Time Reading?

Usually, it’s the evenings before I go to sleep, but very recently I’ve been trying to read at every moment I can because work means I’m usually too tired to read in the evenings (I’m hoping to change jobs though so hopefully this won’t be the case for much longer).

6. How Long Do You Typically Read For In One Go?

Urm, I try to read for at least an hour in the evenings if I can, but like I said, that hasn’t always been possible recently… generally I feel happy with my reading if I’ve managed at least 80 pages in a session, but I can read for hours if I want to & if I have the time.

7. Do You Read Hardbacks With The Dust Jacket On Or Off?

I don’t read a lot of hardbacks so it usually depends on how easy it is to read with the dust jacket on – with thicker books it’s not usually that easy so I tend to remove them in that case. If I’m ever putting a book in my bag that has a dust jacket I will 100% remove it though, because I don’t want it to get ripped or crushed in my bag.

8. Which Position Do You Mainly Use To Read?

Sort of slumped in my bed ahaha; my neck isn’t the right shape (it’s too straight) so certain positions can be incredibly painful for me, but being propped up by loads of pillows at a certain angle is perfect.

9. Do You Take The Book You’re Currently Reading With You Everywhere You Go?

Pretty much, yes. Even if I doubt I’m going to get to read it I usually will put my book or kindle in my bag if I’m leaving the house for an extended period of time.

10. How Often Do You Update Your Progress In The Book You’re Currently Reading On GoodReads?

Everytime I put a book down I update how far I’m into it on GoodReads – I’m a bit obsessive with it actually.

11. Who Would You Like To Tag?

I tag YOU – seriously, if you’ve read this then please do the tag & let me know when you do!


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