Medical MondaysPip Update

Again, this is only going to be a short post as I’m still trying to find a way to balance my blog & new job; but, I said I would update you on my claim for Personal Independence Payment (disability benefits in the UK) so here you go…

I received the letter responding to my claim for PIP a few weeks ago, & unfortunately I was rejected… but! Only just. The applications made for PIP are measured via a points system, & I missed out on being approved for financial help by only 2 points – which obviously isn’t that much. There is an area of my assessment conclusion that I don’t agree with, & I feel like I would definitely be able to dispute the decision made against me in a well-worded letter. Unfortunately, due to having my spinal injections done I didn’t manage to write the letter stating my dispute of the decision before the deadline date so I’m planning to phone up the relevant people to ask for an extension based on the fact that I wasn’t well. I’m really hoping they’ll allow me an extension, as otherwise I’ll have to start the entire process all over again (which means spending a lot of money on photocopying again), but I’m confident that if I do appeal the decision I will be approved for some financial help… this money will go towards hydrotherapy sessions & transport to/from work when I need it.


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