The Page Trackers(source)

Yet again, this is a post that I wanted to get up way before now but because of reasons I haven’t been able to; The Page Trackers Challenge 2018 is similar to the GoodReads challenge, but instead of just counting how many books you’re reading, the challenge encourages you to also keep track of how many pages you’re reading too! You can find out more about the challenge here or here!


In the introduction to The Page Trackers Challenge 2018 Jordan (the bookish baker) said that you could look at how many pages you read in January & use this to work out how many you might be able to manage in a year; as my reading habits change quite a lot monthly, due to my mental & physical health, I decided to look at my GoodReads to see how many pages I read last year…

 Pages read in 2017

Last year I managed to read 100 books, with my original goal being 85… this year I’ve set myself a challenge of only reading 80 books (something I’m confident I’ll manage) as I’m starting to work 30 hours a week & so I’ll have a lot less time to read *sad face*. Those 100 books consisted of 29,269 pages – which I must say is quite a damn lot of pages!! Using this information I decided to set myself the challenge of read 30,000 pages in 2018; this is because I’m hoping I’ll be able to read more pages this year, even if I don’t manage as many books – this means that I’ll still feel like I’ve achieved something at the end of the year, even if I don’t manage to get to that lovely number of 100 again in terms of books.

So far I have managed to read 3308 pages in 2018,
with 2008 of those being covered in January!

I’m going to keep you all updated on this challenge & my progress through it on my Sum-Up Sunday posts that go up on the first Sunday of every month; are you taking part in this challenge? Do you think I’ll achieve mine? Let me know!


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