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What Makes You HappyI don’t know if you’ve noticed yet but Tuesday is now Tag Tuesday… I’m going to try & keep this up as much as I can but I haven’t yet created a header for “Tag Tuesday” – do you think I should? Lemme know. Anyway! I first saw this week’s tag on DarqueDreamerReads (who, by the way, has such a beautiful blog)  & it was created by Shona Louise.

List 5 Things That Make You Happy!
1) Elsa:

My dog. Elsa means so, so much to me & I’m not sure where I would be without her; we got her not long after I got out of hospital in 2014 & she was the key to my recovery. Ever since then she has been my absolute best friend – she never cares that I’m sick & never cares how much pain I’m in; she loves me unconditionally, & sometimes I really need that support. I recently wrote a post about Elsa for my Medical Mondays series so if you want to read more about my best friend, you can do so by clicking here.

2) Reading:

This is a fairly obvious answer, but reading really does keep me going when life gets tough. My love for reading blossomed when I was in hospital in 2014 (yes, the same time as I mentioned above) & it helped me to get through the weeks I spent in isolation. My mental health actually rapidly declines when I’m not reading, so it’s super important that I find the time to pick up books – which hasn’t been easy lately. I look at my bookshelves with pride all of the time & I’m so proud of myself for losing myself in the world of books, instead of a world that would have been a lot more damaging.

3) My Mum:

I won’t call my mum my best friend, because she doesn’t like it when I say it (I really don’t understand why but she says it’s disrespectful because she’s my mother, not my friend *eye roll*) – but she really is very important to me. My mum & I can have some vile arguments at times but she’s also the only person who has been in my life consistently for the last 22 years. My mum makes me laugh & helps me to keep going when I’m really struggling to cope with my life. She puts up with a lot by having a daughter like me, & she deserves a medal for doing so.

4) My Boyfriend:

Someone else who deserves a medal for putting up with me is my boyfriend, Sam. Sam & I started off with a very messy relationship; we broke up & got back together quite a few times in the beginning, but in the last year we’ve managed to really settle down into one another & he means so, so much to me now. Sam puts up with my bad moods, my pain & my bitchiness brilliantly, & I love him very much for it.

5) Learning:

The other four “things” came to me very easily, but this 5th one involved some thinking… the reason I chose to list learning as the 5th thing that makes me happy is because leaving education has made me feel very lost & confused about who I am. I pick up a lot of the books I do because I want them to teach me something, & I miss being able to go into a classroom or lecture theatre with the knowledge that I absolutely will learn something new in that session. I love finding out new things & when I’m working on essays or projects, I feel like I’m worth something. I cannot wait to go back to university in a couple of years; I miss it so much.

List 5 Songs That Make You Happy!
1) Kids in Love by Mayday Parade

This song was me when I was a teenager; it sounds weird but I know a lot of people that will still think of me to this day whenever they hear this song. Mayday Parade were my favourite band during my teen years & Kids in Love was my favourite song by them – whenever I hear the song it brings back memories of my teenage years, but funnily enough, not all of them are happy memories… the reason that the mood of the memories doesn’t matter is because this song reminds me of how much I’ve grown & how strong I’ve become since certain people were in my life.

2) Fight Song by Rachel Platten

Fight Song reminds me of the main character, Zoey, from the House of Night series – the House of Night books made up my favourite series as a teenager & although I know the series has it’s issues, the thought of the series still makes me happy because it helped me through some hard times – it was also the first series I ever read, other than Harry Potter, & considering how many books are in the series I think that’s pretty impressive. The song is also about girl power & being strong… I also just really like the song.

3) Anything by Halsey

Halsey’s music gives me life & I love her work so much that there was no way I would be able to pick just one song to list on here… I started to write a list of some of my favourites by her but it ended up far too long so I deleted it – lets just say, I love every song she’s released & I also fancy her quite a lot. Instead of putting a video of one of her songs I decided to link in a speech she did recently at the New York Women’s March, because it’s just incredibly inspirational:

4) Power by Little Mix (ft. Stormzy)

I am also stupidly obsessed with Little Mix… it’s weird because I’m supposed to be an emo kid but most of the music I’ve put on here hasn’t quite supported that! But anyway, Little Mix are great, I think they’re fab role models & they just give off so much energy & female power. The reason I like Power by them so much is because it makes me feel confident & like I can do anything.

5) Last Resort by Papa Roach

Okay, for my final song I had to include something that highlights my inner emo… the reason I chose this song is because anyone who grew up being alternative will know this song immediately; if you wanna check someone’s emo status you play this song & see if they join in with the first few lines – if they do then you’ve found yourself an emo. Unless you find my boyfriend, he only knows it because of me.


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4 thoughts on “What Makes You Happy Blog Tag

  1. Elsa is so beautiful! Dogs are seriously the purest things on this earth and can be so crucial for self-care, I find. Caring for something else helps me take care of myself when I’m unwell, and forces me to leave the house when all I want to do is stay inside.

    And I’ll always vote in favour of new headers! As someone who sucks at graphic design, I love seeing what other people can come up with. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • She is so, so perfect! And my absolute world. I’m just so grateful for the company she provides me with! Even if she likes to hit me when I’m reading instead of playing with her.

      My headers are just writing from Word hahaha, I’m hoping to have a whole new theme designed by someone when I start getting paid at my new job though 🤞🏻


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