A Darkly Beating Heart by Lindsay Smith

A Darkly Beating Heart


A Darkly Beating Heart has been on my priority buy list for a very long time, so when I saw that the price was reduced on Amazon I just had to order myself a copy… I read the book in two days & although I didn’t give it 5 stars, I definitely wasn’t disappointed with it.

This book contains discussions of suicide, self-harm, domestic violence, depression, anti-depressants, homophobic character attitudes, scenes of a sexual nature & violence.

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Paris Adrift by E. J. Swift

Paris AdriftParis Adrift is a time travel story that is full of modern characters, modern issues & brilliant journeys into the past… the book also takes us into a very possible not-so-distant future that really sets the mind a’wondering & I for one adored it. I’ve never read a book with time travel before, apart from the Doctor Who novels, as I was afraid they just wouldn’t match up; but Paris Adrift smacked me right in the part of my brain that makes me love books & I wish I could read it for the first time all over again.

This book contains a lot of cigarette smoking, panic attacks, discussions of abortion/miscarriages, suicidal thoughts, domestic violence & a bad mother/daughter relationship. There are also mentions of the terrorist attacks in France from 2015 onward.

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Amazon’s 100 Books To Read In A Lifetime

Amazon's 100 Books To Read In A Life Time.png

So, by now you’ve probably all realised that I am a massive fan of DarqueDreamerReads & this post is yet another one that has been inspired by a post I’ve seen on her blog… the post I original saw was a tag that was made up of the list provided by the American Amazon website, as I’m in the UK I’m going to do my post on the Amazon.co.uk list – in about a year’s time I’m going to go back to the list to see if how many more I’ve read!

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Throwback Thursday

‘Over and over again he warned me he would kill me if I told anyone. I was completely isolated. He made sure of that.’

Nobody Will Believe YouMary was ten years old when she first met her stepfather, Sean McDarby. From the very beginning he seemed to pay her special attention; his praise and compliments quickly won her trust. Then he started touching her in ways she didn’t like. When she was twelve, he raped her.

The next twenty years were filled with harrowing abuse as McDarby continued to rape Mary, leading to the birth of five of her children. Finally, after years of abuse – years when justice was denied at every turn – Mary found the strength and courage to break free. Against the odds she created a safe place for her children and reclaimed her life.

This is Mary’s inspirational story of courage and survival.

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Mohira: A Woman’s Journey by J. M. Sloan

MohiraI’ll be honest, I downloaded this book from instafreebie.com* because I fell in love with the cover; isn’t it beautiful? So, when I finally got around to reading it (well over a year since I downloaded it) I couldn’t really remember what it was about… evidently, the book didn’t turn out to be my usual type of read, but I read it in two sittings & did somewhat enjoy it. I also learnt some stuff, which is always a good thing in my opinion.

I read this book as part of my Beat The Backlist Challenge – you can see what other books are on my list for the challenge here.

This book contains discussion of domenstic violence, miscarriage,
racial tension & racist attitudes, as well as suicidal thoughts.

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The Page Trackers(source)

Yet again, this is a post that I wanted to get up way before now but because of reasons I haven’t been able to; The Page Trackers Challenge 2018 is similar to the GoodReads challenge, but instead of just counting how many books you’re reading, the challenge encourages you to also keep track of how many pages you’re reading too! You can find out more about the challenge here or here!

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