Medical MondaysLeschi Warming Pillow: Noah The Fox

Noah the FoxThis Medical Mondays Post is a little different from my usual posts, but I have done something similar before (which can be found here)… this week I’m going to be “reviewing” something that my mum got me for my birthday – a neck & shoulder warming pillow in the form of a fox!

All the photos used in this post have been lifted from the Amazon purchase page.

Okay, so why am I reviewing this product in my Medical Mondays series? I’m doing so because Noah the Fox has helped with my shoulder & neck pain an incredible amount; which is the reason I asked my mum to get one for me in the first place.

My new best friend Noah is easy to heat up in the microwave & sits snugly around your neck, on top of your shoulders. I’ve found that heating him up for around 2 minutes brings him to the perfect temperature (but I don’t feel hot & cold as much as people without syringomyelia so make sure, if you purchase your own Noah, that you gradually heat him up the first time you use him so you can find the perfect heating time for you – also, please follow the instructions). Using him also helps me to relax & even when I don’t have neck & shoulder pain he’s a great way to warm up after a day of working out in the cold!

Noah the Fox 2Pros:
  • Sits very snugly on the shoulders, & hugs the neck just the right amount.
  • After the second heating he stays warm for a good amount of time.
  • 3 designs: Fire/Midnight, Chocolate/Midnight & Midnight/Midnight.Noah the Fox x3
  • Noah the Fox packagingComes in lovely packaging – making him the perfect gift for someone like me, who suffers with neck & shoulder pain.
  • Is brilliant at keeping you warm during the winter months.
  • Folds up fairly small so he’s very easy to carry around with you (I’ve taken him to work with me before).
  • He smells pretty good! And if you spray him with something the smell sticks around, especially after a re-heat.
  • In my opinion, he comes at a decent price of £19.95 or 24.90€ (he does seem to be a lot more expensive in the USA though – sorry America!)
  • And lets be honest, he’s just super adorable!!
  • The first time you heat him up he doesn’t stay warm for very long; I’ve found that when you heat him up for the first time in a day he cools down a bit too quickly, but after the second heat up he does stay warmer for longer & this continues to be the case after every subsequent heat up! Do pay attention to the instructions though & don’t microwave him for too long at any time – just heat him up, wear him & then heat him up again if/when you need to.
  • Poor Noah is also a little heavier than I first expected him to be. I’ve found that at times, depending on what I’m doing, the weight of Noah on my shoulders can sometimes make my pain worse… for example, if I’m sat reading a book & looking downwards this can often cause Noah to put his weight upon the back on my neck which causes me more pain – but if I’m reading in bed & have my book directly in front of my eyes this doesn’t happen. Basically, just consider how gravity is going to affect where Noah’s weight is going to reside before you put him on.
  • You will get a sweaty neck – although, this isn’t really a criticism of Noah; it’s just biology.

If you fancy buying yourself your own Noah then I’ve included some purchase sites below; I’ve tried to include as many places as I can as I know this series gets a lot of international viewing! If you use the link I will receive a small fee, at no cost to you so please consider doing so!

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