The Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt Tag

I saw this tag last month on Deanna’s blog (deereadsthings) & as it’s quite different from the other tags I’ve done on here so far I thought I’d give it a go too! In this tag you answer nineteen questions based on the books you have on your shelves & then tag three people to take part after you.

01. Find An Author Name Or Title With A Z In It:

The Book Thief

02. Find A Classic:

Pride & Prejudice.jpg

03. Find A Book With A Key On It:


04. Find Something On Your Bookshelves That Isn’t A Book:

My great, great Aunt’s ring that she left to me when she died… my hands are too small for it (I can’t even have it made smaller without ruining it!) but I’m hoping to have it copied so I can have its replica as my wedding ring.

05. Find The Oldest Book On Your Shelves:

The Faraway Tree 1-3

06. Find A Book With A Girl On It:
The Crystal Ribbon
07. Find A Book That Has An Animal On It:

The Raven Boys

08. Find A Book With A Male Protagonist:

Shades of Grey.jpg

09. Find A Book With Only Words On The Cover:


10. Find A Book With Illustrations On It:

The Bridge on the River Kwai.jpg

11. Find A Book With Gold Lettering:

The Case of Beasts

12. Find A Diary, True or Fictional:

Anne Frank.jpg

13. Find A Book Written By An Author With A Common Name:

Half Bad.jpg

14. Find A Book With A Close Up Of Something On It:

A Dance With Dragons part 2

15. Find A Book On Your Shelves That Takes Place In The Earliest Time Period:

The Last Kingdom

16. Find A Hardcover Book Without A Jacket:

The Tales of Beedle The Bard

17. Find A Teal/Turquoise Coloured Book:

The Romanovs

18. Find A Book With Stars On It:

When God Was A Rabbit

19. Find A Non-YA Book:

The Beauty Shop Cover LARGE EBOOK

I really enjoyed this tag! Some of the requests were harder than others but I’m pretty impressed that I was able to provide a picture for every answer. The three people I tag to take part in this are:

  1. UtopiaStateOfMind
  2. AmandasBookReview
  3. GoldenBooksGirl


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