Flower Moon by Gina Linko

Flower MoonFlower Moon is a story about two twin girls who start to grow apart as they grow older; it’s a story about family & love, & the struggles that always accompany those things. This gorgeous book is labelled as a middle grade read, but to me it almost felt like a young adult book – the only thing that reminded me throughout that it was a middle grade book was the words protagonist Tally Jo used instead of swearing. I loved that this book was a lot more magical than I first expected & I adored the carnival background.

I was sent an eARC of this book by Sky Pony Press in return for an honest review.

Mirror twins are a sub-group of identical twins that look exactly the same – but are an exact mirror image of each other; & this is what Tempest & Tally Jo Trimble are. The girls have always been inseparable, just like most identical twins, but as their thirteenth birthday gets gradually closer, the girls are growing apart… Flower Moon tells the story of how Tempest & Tally fight to keep their relationship as strong as it always has been, & about the magic that is trying to destroy their twinship.

Before I start my review – can we just take a moment to appreciate how stunning the cover of this book is?! It’s definitely going on my list of ebooks that I want in print!!

Anyway. The review. This book was gorgeous! I was drawn to Flower Moon for two reasons; the first being that I love books that centre around a circus or carnival – there’s just something so enticing & intoxicating about these settings & I just cannot resist them! The second reason I requested this book on NetGalley was because twins. I have always been fascinated by twins; at first it was because I was apparently supposed to be a twin (in my mum’s first scan there was two babies, but in the second there was just me – it’s a mystery, but we joke that I ate my twin), but then I got really close to my twin cousins during my childhood, & in my psychology education I have loved learning about twins because I find the differences & similarities of their psychology to be sooooo interesting. So basically, I was obsessed with this book before I even got to read it; and I wasn’t disappointed.

I loved the backdrop of this story, Pa Charlie’s carnival was packed full of wonderful characters (and wolf cubs!!!) & the magic of a carnival was lightly sprinkled throughout the entire read. I also adored the main characters; Tempest & Tally Jo. The girls are so alike, but also quite different; with Tempest being a total science geek & Tally being a tough socialite. I loved how the bond between the twin girls seeped out of the pages of the book (even if I did read it on my kindle), even during the times when they were fighting. But I must admit, I wish that there had been chapters from the perspectives of both twins – instead of just from Tally (especially because I think Tempest was my favourite twin).

Another reason I loved this book is because the magic within the story totally creeps up on you; it starts off as a small hum & develops into a mighty tidal wave of power that totally envelops you (if you’ve read the book I’m sure you’ll appreciate my choice of words there)! When you first start reading, you get the impression that the girls are just growing apart as siblings often can do – the girls are hitting their teen years & have their own interests, they see things differently from each other & have different morals, but slowly you start to realise that there’s a greater force at work here, & that the girls really are going to have to work hard to save their relationship.

I also adored the family history that becomes so important to the current story; female twins run in Tempest & Tally’s family, but none of the sisters have any contact with each other after their teenage years, & it becomes Tally’s mission to find out why. Meanwhile, Tempest is more interested in using her scientific knowledge to fight off the magic that is interfering with her relationship with her sister. It was really interesting how Gina made it so that each of the girls only worked out half of the story – it reiterated that they need each other to make one whole, & that without the other they’re never going to be able to fight off what’s trying to destroy their twinship. The story is ultimately about the power of being a twin, & it just ended up making me wish I really had been born a twin.

So, I loved this book – can you tell? And luckily for you, it’s released today! You can get yourself a copy using the links below (& if you use my Amazon.co.uk link or my Book Add to goodreadsDespository link I’ll get a small fee, at no cost to you, so please consider using them!)
Amazon.co.uk | Amazon.com | Book Depository | Wordery


2 thoughts on “Flower Moon by Gina Linko

  1. YES! That cover looks super stunning ❤ ❤ The story seems super cute and carnival? YAY Twins are definitely one of the interesting character tropes and haha, your birth totally sounds mysterious 😀 It's also amazing how there's even magic in this, like wow, nice…and I think it ha something to do with the moon? Great review, Lucy!

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    • Isn’t is so beautiful?! There was no way I couldn’t request this 😍 I have such a thing for circuses & carnivals 😂 I’ve not read many books with twins & I think that’s strange because twins are quite common? Thank you so much for being so lovely 💝

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