Bookish “This or That” Tag

I saw this tag over on sincerelykarenjo & as one of my goals for 2018 is to take part in more tags I thought I would join in!  For this tag all you have to do is choose between two options – it’s really quite simple.

1. Audiobook OR Text Book?

Definitely text book… I do listen to audiobooks, but only ones that I’ve already read; this is because I sometimes find it hard to follow the story when it’s an audiobook, so if I already know what happens it’s not an issue.

2. Paperback OR Hardback?

Paperback!! I do like hardbacks, but I think they’re overpriced & they’re usually too heavy for me to carry around all the time.

3. Fiction OR Non-Fiction?

Fiction. I usually find it easier to remember details about history if I learn them through fiction, rather than non-fiction.

4. Bookshop OR Online?

I usually shop online, but I like going into bookshops as well.

5. Standalone OR Trilogy?

Standalones? I think? Maybe?

6. Heavy & Long OR Short & Sweet?

I think I’d probably rather read a long book than a really short book – the short ones never feel like enough.

7. Reading Somewhere Cosy OR In The Sun?

Cosy all the way!

8. Hot Chocolate OR Coffee?

Neither. Ribena.

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