Throwback Thursday

The Crystal RibbonIn the village of Huanan, medieval China, the deity that rules is the Great Huli Jing. Though twelve-year-old Li Jing’s name is a different character entirely from the Huli Jing, the sound is close enough to provide constant teasing-but maybe is also a source of greater destiny & power. Jing’s life isn’t easy. Her father is a poor tea farmer, & her family has come to the conclusion that in order for everyone to survive, Jing must be sacrificed for the common good. She is sold as a bride to the Koh family, where she will be the wife & nursemaid to their three-year-old son, Ju’nan. It’s not fair, & Jing feels this bitterly, especially when she is treated poorly by the Koh’s, & sold yet again into a worse situation that leads Jing to believe her only option is to run away.

With the help of a spider who weaves Jing a means to escape, and a nightingale who helps her find her way, Jing embarks on a quest back to Huanan–and to herself.

GoodRead’s Review
I need more!! I’m praying that there will be a sequel to this – there was one massive unanswered question so I’m take that as a sign that there will be a sequel.

I honestly adored this book from start to finish, and it surprised me more than once. It also made me a lot more emotional than I expected. I feel like it could have been longer though, with more details – but that’s only because I loved it so much and am now sad that it’s over. It was interesting to learn about what medieval China was like, and also about some of the folk tails of that time. This book has left me cravingmore, and there is absolutely no doubt that I will read everything that Celeste Lim releases

If you want to read this incredible book (in fact, my favourite middle grade read ever) Add to goodreadsthen you can do so using the links below! If you use the Amazon UK or Book Depository link I’ll receive a small fee so please consider doing so. | | Book Depository | Wordery

You can also find it on Audible!





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