Syringomyelia SaturdaysJob Interviews – Update

Syringomyelia Saturdays usually only runs every two weeks, but due to the amount of views the post about my job interview got I thought I would break that rule to post an update of what happened this week.

In my previous Syringomyelia Saturdays post (which can be found here) I told y’all about a informal job interview I had had for a job in a children’s home. This job was pretty much what I had been looking for over the last few months so I was really excited about it. Last week I met with one of the directors of the home to have an informal chat, so that she could get to know me a little better than she would in a regular interview – this was because the job I was applying for dealt with some very vulnerable children & she wanted to make sure that anyone she interviewed really was suitable for the job in terms of personality, ethics & knowledge.

Anyway, this part of the vetting process went really well; we were getting on great & seemed to share a lot of the same views & interests… things changed when I had to tell her about my syringomyelia though. For the first time ever I was trying to not make the condition sound as serious as it is, as I knew that it would affect my chances of getting the job. The director was very grateful for my honesty & assured me that, although it may be an issue, I was still in with a chance of getting the job.

Fast-forward to the Wednesday just gone & I had to go to a group interview; this involved all of the candidates (all three of us) getting together with two of the directors & the manager of the home, to have general discussions about things like our reasons for applying for the job, mental health in young people, the care system, etc. etc. etc.. The directors & manager also gave us more details about what the job role would involve, including the hours. Overall, I felt like the meeting went quite well – the director I hadn’t previously met seemed to like me & I felt I made some good points about mental health in young people & some great reasons for wanting the job.

At this point, the director I originally met hadn’t told the other director & the manager about my health issues; she had either forgotten to, or (& I hope this was the reason) she wanted them to meet me before she dropped the bad news. At the end of the session I had a quiet word with her & just mentioned that I was sure I was capable of what the job role entailed, apart from the hours. She said she would discuss this with the other two after we had left.

I felt incredibly positive when I got home as I felt like, after meeting the other two candidates, that I definitely still had a chance of getting the job. I then received a voicemail from the director I had originally met up with asking me to attend a formal interview the next day at 3pm! I was incredibly nervous, but also very proud of myself. But, she also asked for me to send over an email outlining my condition & what problems it could possibly cause. Oh, joy. Again, I was honest in the email but tried not to make syringomyelia sound as horrendous as it is – I told them I’m the healthiest I have been in 5 years & that I wouldn’t have applied for the job if I didn’t think myself capable.

I assumed I would have to discuss my medical conditions in more detail at the interview the next day… this didn’t end up being the case. The next morning, the day of my formal interview, I received an email telling me that they weren’t going to continue the interviewing process with me as they didn’t think I was physically capable of doing the job, as it’s very physically demanding. They probably Googled syringomyelia & got scared off. Sigh.

Initially I was incredibly upset about the email; there were definitely some tears. But I was also incredibly stressed about the whole situation & was concerned about if I was actually capable of doing the job, so a part of me felt relieved that it was over. Now, a few days later, I am definitely disappointed about it & I’m obviously hurt that something I can’t control stopped me from getting a job that I really wanted. I still need work though, so last night I was back on the internet job hunting; I’ve decided to only apply for jobs that aren’t very physically demanding, so that I can get a better idea of how much I’m able to do, before I apply for another job like the one in the children’s home. I still want to work in a supportive role though, so keep your fingers crossed for me!Untitled

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