Book Spin-Offs I Want

I got the idea for this post from Reading With Jessica; the idea of this tag is to come up with some characters or books that you would love spin-offs for! Some of these spin-offs are for books I’ve read recently, whilst others are for books that I read a while ago. Be warned of spoilers for The Red Ribbon by Lucy Adlington!

FrostFire - own pictureFirst up is something from a book I recently read; Frost from Zoë Marriott’s FrostFire is a fabulous character who is not very feminine… she loves to fight with her father’s axe & she has absolutely no issues with getting dirty during a good battle. FrostFire as a book was a fabulous read, with lots of different plots & amazing writing. What I would really love would be a short story about what happened when Frost went back to court with Luca – I would love to read the scenes where she had to put on a big dress for court for the first time & what her reaction would be to feasts & servants!

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