Throwback Thursday

Prodigy BloodThe most exciting part of Rhea Stone’s day is finishing one book and starting another. She has never ventured far, never left her comfort zone, never even taken minor risks. All of that changes when she discovers an old and compelling book in her local library.

Tumbled into the surreal and magical world of Story, Rhea has but one goal: to get home. When it appears that somebody has other plans, Rhea finds her journey back to reality becoming a dangerous adventure filled with pirates, werewolves and witches. Not to mention the evil, ancient vampire that wants her blood and will apparently stop at nothing to get it…

Sounds great, right? RIGHT!
Jenni is currently hosting a GIVEAWAY on her
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Still not convinced? Check out my review…


Review written on February 13th 2017
I think this book is something that I’ve always wanted to read – Story is a world made up of all the stories in our world, and I loved it. It’s a book made up of adventure, imagination and friendship; it tells a story that is both beautiful and fascinating and I’m sure it is only the start of a wonderful series.

I thought all of the characters in Prodigy Blood were fantastic (Ellis being my favourite) and the plot turned out to have more layers to it than I initially thought it would. The main group of characters go on a unique journey which throws fairytale-tastic problems their way and constantly left me needing more. I read this book at every opportunity I had as I was totally enthralled in the story, and I hate that university work meant I couldn’t read it in one sitting; I just really wanted to know what was going to happen next and which secret would be the next to be uncovered. The story made me laugh and smile, and brought tears to my eyes more than once and I felt a real connection with the characters. Rhea’s character development was well thought out and I want to know how she’ll handle what’s coming in the rest of the series. I also loved the character names.

I feel like Jenni has set up a world that can definitely be developed a lot further and I hope she takes the opportunity to do so – I’d love to see examples of more stories from our world echoed in the land of Story and it’ll be interesting to see if Rhea has to use her knowledge of books to help her solve future problems. I’m so glad I saw this book mentioned on Twitter and I’ll definitely be buying a physical copy of the book when I can afford to do so (also Jenni is super lovely so if you read the book and love it, give her a tweet!)

Add to goodreadsSince writing my review I have bought Prodigy Blood, & thanks to Jenni I actually own two print copies of the book! If you fancy buying your own copy of the book you can do so using the links below: |


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