Medical Mondays
Useful Apps

This week’s Medical Mondays post is going to be a little bit different to normal; instead of someone’s story or one of my own experiences I thought I would put together a list of apps that are useful to Spoonies; the list includes apps that help us to remember to take our medication to apps that help you find your nearest hospital!


Clue is an app for all of you who experience periods! This handy little app asks you for all the information surrounding your period & then calculates for you when you’re due on, how heavy your period should be on each day of your bleeding (last night mine was “medium”) & even allows you to track someone else’s period (maybe I should give this to my boyfriend…) & allows you to connect up with other people so you can track their period… at first I thought this feature was a bit strange but I’ve since realised that it’s great for carers or parents of people who aren’t able to track their own cycles!!

You can also set reminders for when your next cycle is about to begin, if your period is late, when to take your pill, details of your fertility window, estimations of your PMS dates & even reminds you to check your breasts for any abnormalities! Thank you to Ceillie for this recommendation!



Flaredown is an app that allows you to track your different conditions & their symptoms on a daily basis; you’re also able to track how well your medication/treatments have worked that day, as well as what food you have eaten, drinks you have drunk & what activities you have completed. There’s also an option to add in your postal code so that the app can record what the weather has been like in your area that day. All of this information gives you the opportunity to assess what really makes your conditions & their symptoms flare up, & what you’re able to do without irritating any of your illnesses. Flaredown also has an option to have an email sent to you at a certain time each day to remind you to input your data!

On top of all of that there’s also a social element to the app that allows you to interact with other people who use the Flaredown app, so you can chat about your conditions & symptoms; giving you the chance to share tips & remedies!

Thank you to Maddie for suggesting I check out this app for the purpose of this post! I’m going to use it to track my brain fog episodes!



FocusNow is an app that helps people to concentrate by locking mobile phones for a set amount of time; now, this app obviously isn’t limited to Spoonies, but I wanted to include it because it really helped me with my revision for my university exams!

The app allows you to set a time limit & during that time your phone will be locked & you will grow a tree – yes, a tree. The point of this app is to encourage people to not use their phones whilst they’re studying/reading/sleeping/etc., because if you do use your phone during the set time limit then your tree will die. It sounds like a really silly concept, but it really did help to encourage me to work for those extra few minutes of an hour, even when I was absolutely knackered. You’re then able to view all of your trees in their beauty & as you grow more trees you’re able to unlock new types to grow! This app isn’t perfect though, as it was originally made to be in a different language there are some sentence/grammar mistakes or words missing, but this doesn’t affect it’s usefulness.




Health is an app that comes readily installed on iPhones so it is often ignored by users, but it actually has some great uses. My main reason for using it is the Medical ID which can be accessed by anyone by clicking emergency on the lockscreen & then clicking on *Medical ID, which is usually located in the bottom left corner of the screen. On your Medical ID you’re able to list your full name & date of birth, on-going medical conditions, any medication you’re taking & an emergency contact number (not shown on the screenshot for obvious reasons). This kind of information could be life-saving if you’re involved in an accident, so make sure the people around you know you have this information in your phone (it’s not like I can expect my mum & boyfriend to remember all of my conditions & medications).


2017-10-28_14-49-01_000The app also has plenty of other uses though; it allows you to track your activity by counting your steps & how far you have walked, you can monitor how long you are partaking in mindfulness, track your eating & drinking habits & your sleep routine. Plus, you can keep record of your body measurements, health records, reproductive health (i.e. when you are having your periods which can let you monitor your ovulation), results to any medical tests you’re having done (great for diabetics) & finally, you can track your vitals (e.g. blood pressure, body temperature, etc.). This app is wonderful for anyone who need to keep record of their health, or for anyone who is trying to get fix/lose weight.


Mango Health is an app that can help you track all of your meds and remind you to take them. It also has a hydration reminder and can even track “as needed” medicines, and will let you know if there are any side effects so you can watch for them. It also allows you to track what you need to do with meds – take with water, take with food, etc.

A big thank you to Ceillie for the text & screenshots for Mango Health!
Not available in the UK.


2017-10-28_15-07-18_000Medisafe is the most useful app I have on my phone, period. The app allows me to keep track of my medication & alerts me when I’m due a tablet; this is especially useful when I’m on antibiotics that have to be taken at random times throughout the day (which I am right now)! This app hasn’t saved my life, as none of my medication directly keeps me alive, but it helps keep my mental health in check by reminding me to take my antidepressants, helps protect me & my boyfriend from an unwanted pregnancy by reminding me to take my contraceptive pill, helps me sleep at night by reminding me to take my muscle relaxants in the evenings & helps to keep me pain free by reminding me every week when my morphine patch needs changing!

2017-10-28_15-14-50_000Something else that the app is great for is keeping up-to-date with any news articles about any of the medication you’re taking – this is shown in the Updates section. You can also keep track of your overall medication intake using the Report section, & it even allows you to “send” this information via email or to export it to Excel. You can also keep records of your measurements (e.g. HDL cholesterol, weight, blood glucose, bowel movements, pain level, etc.) & doctor’s appointments, as well as contact information for your doctors (great if you have many doctors like I do & are good at forgetting which doctor is which) and there’s a diary section as well!

Plant Nanny

Plant Nanny is an adorable little app that lets you planet cute plants on your phone; but it also does a lot more – by inputting your activity status & weight the app calculates how much water you personally need every day! Then, every time you tell the app you’ve drunk a glass of water, your virtual plants will absorb the same amount of water, helping them to keep growing healthily & strongly! The app also tells you when you’re drinking too much too quickly. Thanks again to Ceillie for another fab recommendation!




2017-10-28_15-31-03_000Waitless (UK app) is another of my favourite health-related apps, this is because it allows you to check the waiting times for all of your local hospitals! It also lists what each hospital is able to treat, which allows you to decide which hospital is best suited to your accident or emergency; this is a brilliant feature because it means that patients aren’t all turning up to the main A&E department when they could be going to one of the minor injury units. It also provides directions to each of the hospitals & tells you how long it will take to get there.

2017-10-28_15-30-44_000.pngI use this app every time I need to go to A&E because it allows me to choose when I go up based on the current waiting times; & if I could drive it would help me decide where is best to go. I wish more people in my area would use this app because the main A&E would be a lot less busy if people with fractures, dislocations or minor head injuries went to other units!


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