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My Return

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I’m back! …well, sort of. I decided to take a week off from posting as the renal infection I was recovering from had totally wiped me out, unfortunately I still appear to have that infection; so although I’m back, I may not be posting as much as I have been recently. Keep reading to find out a bit more about my time away!


As any of you who regularly read my medical posts will know, I have some issues with my bladder & kidney; namely interstitial cystitis & a history of a kidney abscess that lead to my right kidney starting to shut down, which left me with septicaemia! Due to this, Symptoms of a UTIsimple bladder/water/renal infections (urinary tract infections) aren’t that simple for me – when most people start to display the symptoms of a urinary tract infection their port-of-call is their GP (general practitioner), whom will carry out a “dip test” & if an infection is present, will prescribe antibiotics – easy peasy!

Unfortunately, my medical history & current bladder condition complicate things & mean that instead of going to see my GP, I have to admit myself to A&E – which is of course, everyone’s favourite thing to do. The reason I have to go to A&E instead of seeing  my GP is because I have to have blood tests done asap to check my kidney function; this is because the kidney abscess I had developed from a bladder infection, so whenever I get one there’s concern that my kidney may be immediately affected. On top of that, my interstitial cystitis means that my bladder is easily damaged by infections so it’s important that I have extra tests done on my urine, instead of just the standard dip-test. You can buy home dip-tests online (click here for a link to the ones I use) so I always do tests for a couple of days before I go to A&E to check the behaviour of the infection so that I don’t waste anyone’s time (something I’m very conscious of, now that the NHS is so stretched).

I get infections quite a lot, as you can probably guess, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t drain me out – for some reason though, this infection has been even more of a nuisance than normal & has left me with even less energy than infections usually would. I’ve actually been off of my antibiotics for over a week now but my levels of fatigue haven’t improved, so I’ve done a couple of dip-tests over the last couple of days & I still have an infection – yipee! I really should go back to A&E but I’m always up there for hours, so, as I have other reasons to go & see my GP (things I’m sure I’ll discuss on here eventually), I’m going to ask them for some more antibiotics & I’ll go back to the hospital if they don’t work either… that will probably result in me having some IV antibiotics, & they may even admit me to hospital so I can be on the IV antibiotics for a few days – seriously, yipee!

I also managed to get myself a throat infection/cough so that’s been plaguing me as well – it’s no wonder that I needed a time out from writing! I also massively slowed down on my reading, which sucks but also means I don’t have too many reviews to catch up on.

Although I am officially back & posting I may not do my WWW Wednesday or Throwback Thursday post this week – my friend Amy is just finishing off her Syringomyelia story though so that should be ready to go up this weekend for Syringomyelia Saturdays! Things may be a bit all over the place over the next couple of weeks so I really hope you’ll forgive me!

Keep an eye out for reviews of I Believe In A Thing Called Love by Maurene Goo, Fools & Mortals by Bernard Cornwell & The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood! I’m also currently reading FrostFire by Zoë Marriott so a review of it should be up sometime in the near future as well!

UntitledBest wishes y’all xox


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