Syringomyelia Saturdays

The Ann Conroy Trust

This week’s Syringomyelia Saturdays post is about the only Syringomeylia & Chiari Malformation organisation in the UK – The Ann Conroy Trust. If you’d like to learn more about the organisation please keep reading, & if you’d like to donate you can find information about how to do so here.

All information in this post has been taken from the official
Ann Conroy website & all information belongs to them.

Ann Conroy Trust

The Ann Conroy Trust was formed by Syringomyelia patient Ann Conroy in 1980, in order to help raise money for research into Syringomyelia & connected conditions, like Chiari Malformation. The organisation is run by volunteer Neurosurgeons, specialist nurses & people living with the condition/s.

As has been stated in previous posts in this series not much is known about Syringomyelia, so organisations like The Ann Conroy Trust are very important to me & other people with Syringomyelia. Unfortunately, there is currently no known cure for Syringomyelia, & not all patients know the cause of their Syrinx, so the money donated to The Ann Conroy Trust helps to fund the research that may, one day, answer the many questions Syringomyelia patients have.

The Ann Conroy Trust website is jam-packed with information about Chiari Malformation, Cerebrospinal Fluid, CSF Shunts & the Brain & Spine Foundation, as well as information about how you can become a member of the trust, which includes providing financial support, & the different events taking place. You can find the full website by clicking on the link below:


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