Happy Book Birthday to The Girl Who Said Sorry by Hayoung Yim!

Today two books that I have previously read are being released, & the first is the adorable children’s book called The Girl Who Said Sorry by Hayoung Yim!

The Girl Who Said Sorry is a very quick read, with only 16 pages, but it carries a very The Girl Who Said Sorryimportant message for young girls. The book shows several examples of when girls are told contradicting things whilst growing up, for example being told that we’re too thin & then being told not to eat something later on the same day – for which we then apologise for! The book then goes on to show The Girl Who Said Sorry deciding that she’s no longer going to apologise for being herself, & that it is okay to express yourself – that it’s not something to apologise for!

With gorgeous illustrations & poetic wording, The Girl Who Said Sorry is perfect for little girls who are just starting to learn to read & for the ones who may be questioning how they fit into this world.

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