WWW Wednesdays

WWW WednesdaysThis tag was formerly hosted by MizB at A Daily Rhythm & was revived on Taking on a World of Words – I got the idea from Katie Judges Books; WWW Wednesdays involves answering three simple questions:
1. What are you currently reading?
2. What did you recently finish reading?
3. What do you think you’ll read next?


What are you currently reading?

After The FeastAs is to be expected, I am still reading A Dance With Dragons: After The Feast (Part 2 of Book 5) – & I’m still loving it. I mentioned last week that I had read my favourite scene so far – the moment that Daenerys flies away on Drogon for the first time… well, ever since I have been desperate to find out where she is (I know she’s safe because she’s still in the TV show aha), so I flipped through the book to find out how long I would have to wait until her next chapter, & I was devastated when I found that her next chapter is the last one in the book, which means I’m going to have to wait months to find out what’s going to happen after that chapter, as The Winds of Winter hasn’t been released yet (le cry). The closer I get to the end of this book the more sad I become because I know I won’t be able to move straight onto the next book – I’m debating whether I want to watch the show up until this point, or if I want to watch it up until the most recent episode, but I really don’t want to ruin the books for myself because I know the show deviates from the books. The decision is really stressing me out. Any advice?

Elijah's MermaidI am also reading Elijah’s Mermaid by Essie Fox, which is a very different book from A Dance With Dragons! Elijah’s Mermaid has totally eaten me up & I’m so invested in the story now; I was reading it last night & just didn’t want to go to sleep because I’m loving it so much. The story is set in Victorian England & has a Gothic feel to it; the book explores the posh, rich side of this time period, but also the crime-filled, messy side of it, that is full of lies, manipulation & mystery. The book has some hard themes; with a lot of sexism & domestic abuse, freak shows, ableism in the asylums, racism & much more – & although some of these scenes are difficult to deal with, Essie has been very honest about England in the 1800s & it’s totally engrossing.

What did you recently finish reading?

The last book I finished reading was Wordwings by Sydelle Pearl; Wordwings is set in the Nazi controlled ghetto of Warsaw & follows the story of a young girl called Rivke who loves to read, write & tell stories. Rivke uses this passion to help keep up the spirits of her fellow prisoners & this takes the reader on a very emotional journey. The book was very upsetting anyway, but it ended on somewhat of a cliffhanger & when I read the author’s note afterwards, a chapter that talks about the truth of Warsaw, I found my heart broken. I’ve now vowed to make sure that I learn more about Warsaw, as I had never heard of it before being approved to review Wordwings. The book is out on Sunday & my review will go up then!

What do you think you’ll read next?

I Believe in a Thing Called Love


Well! The library finally got in their copy of I Believe in a Thing Called Love by Maurene Goo, & although I have far too many books to read, I am going to be picking this up next because I have been waiting so long to read it. I’m also really excited to read IBIATCL because my library often ignore my requests for books by Asian authors so this is a real break through for me.



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