Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday involves me picking a book or book series I’ve previously read to talk about, today I’m going to discuss The Half Bad trilogy by Sally Green!

The Half Bad Trilogy follows the story of Nathan, a boy whose mother was a good witch & whose father is the most evil witch in the world. The series takes us through Nathan’s fight against a world that sees him as an abomination, & his journey of meeting his father & finding out the truth about the relationship his parents once had. We also get thrown headfirst into a very deeply rooted fight between good & evil, something that is both a lot bigger than Nathan, but also totally revolved around him & his existence. This series is full of action, strength & emotion, & I loved it.



I started reading this series very soon after the first book was released; I loved Nathan’s character from the start & slowly started to fall in love with the rest of the cast (or most of them). I liked the world that Sally Green had created & I was hungry for the rest of the series when I finished the first book. My love for the series only grew as I worked my way through the second & third books, & when I finished number 3 I felt numb & so, so sad. This series isn’t for everyone, & I acknowledge & accept that; but I found Half Bad in WHSmith whilst I was recovering from my kidney failing so it has a firm place in my heart.

Half Bad, the first book in the series, starts off with us finding Nathan locked in a cage. Nathan has been forced to work himself into the best physical version of himself so that he will be able to kill his own father, a father he hasn’t met, the notorious Marcus. The book swaps between what Nathan is experiencing in the present, during his captivity, & between his memories of how he got to be there. I loved that this book flashed back & forth between timelines because that particular style of writing always opens up a curiosity in me. Nathan’s character was so interesting to me & I loved getting inside his head; I was also so intrigued by how he was treated by his captor & the very odd relationship they shared.

Half Wild, the second installment of this series, follows straight on from the first; the ending to Half Bad shook me to my core so I was so happy when I finally got to read Half Wild. Half Wild sees Nathan being introduced to the wider magical community & he has some tough challenges to overcome. Whereas in the first book Nathan was a captive, in the second he is on the run & the book is so action packed that it left me breathless. Half Wild was the book that really got me addicted to this series, & it’s intense & earth-shattering ending left me desperate for more.

The series finale, Half Lost, was a book full of twists & drama; at this point in time Nathan has a huge battle on his hands & we see the traumas he has experienced start to have a real effect on him. Half Lost is action packed & is full of way too much emotion. I was devastated when I finished the book because it meant I had to say goodbye to a story that I had really loved; this is one of those series that will always be on my bookshelves. I know a few people were disappointed with the ending to the Half Bad trilogy, but it left me feeling content & calm; the final decision that Nathan makes in the series just felt right to me & my review on GoodReads simply says Thank you Sally”





You can find Half Bad online using the following links: |
Book Depository | Wordery
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You can find Half Wild online using the following links: |
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You can find Half Lost online using the following links: |
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As well as the three main books there are also two novellas in this series;
Half Lies & Half Truths
Click on the links to find their GoodReads pages!

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  1. I loved your thoughts on this series! Thanks to you I remembered that I still have eBooks of them lying around somewhere and never got around to read them 🙈 but now I’ll put them on my tbr and hope that it won’t take years for me to start :’D

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