Syringomyelia Saturdays

Alisha’s Story

Today’s Syringomyelia Saturday post is going to be another story from someone else I’ve met online who has syringomyelia. Alisha is 24 years old & this is her story…

“I was diagnosed with syringomyelia in December 2014. I had been experiencing severe upper back pain for two years; the doctors were concerned and conducted a number of tests to identify the reason for the pain. I had a full body MRI scan which then identified a small syrinx in my lower back. Due the location of my syrinx it wasn’t possible that this was causing the pain they were originally testing for; instead they diagnosed the pain as muscle damage. Fortunately, due to the size of my syrinx I have not experienced any symptoms linked to syringomyelia. The only possible symptom is a leg spasm every so often. I believe the only thing syringomyelia will affect in my life is in pregnancy, as I will have to have a C-section to reduce the risk of trauma to my spine.

“Currently I have an MRI scan to monitor the size of the syrinx every few years and my doctor does not think the syrinx will increase in size unless I experience trauma to my spinal cord.  Overall I feel positive about my diagnosis, I am aware of the condition and I’m cautious what activity I do to prevent any more damage to my spinal cord.”

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