Warcross by Marie Lu

WarcrossI had been so desperate to read Warcross ever since I first heard about it, so when I won a Twitter giveaway for an ARC, hosted by Joana, I nearly cried with joy… and the book did not disappoint. Warcross is a totally unique book that is filled with suspense, drama & action, & I fell totally in love with it. I am so excited about this book’s release because everyone is going to love it!

Warcross is totally different from every other book I’ve ever read – the idea of a world being overtaken by a computer game is 100% unique, which is why I was so desperate to read it. When I finally got to learn about the game that this book revolves around I was really pleased to know that it’s actually quite a simple one – you would think that a game that could overtake the real-world would be deep & complex, but nope, Warcross is wonderfully simple. I thought that the simplicity of the game was really good because it meant that there wasn’t a large chunk of the introduction taken up by an explanation of the ins and outs of Warcross; instead we were able to dive straight into Emika’s story.

Emika herself had had a really hard life, & because of it had been left to defend herself at a very young age; as with a lot of books, Emika’s life was just getting worse & worse when the book starts & so when she is given an opportunity to go to Japan to work with the billionaire creator of Warcross, she jumps at the opportunity. I really liked Emika as a main character, she was damaged & flawed, but also immensely clever & it was wonderful to have a female play the role of someone who is smarter than most other people.

The other characters in the book were all wonderful as well; Hideko, the creator of Warcross, is posed as this mysterious billionaire who doesn’t like people to ask about his personal life & who walks around with an unreadable expression on his face most of the time. During the story Emika manages to break down the walls that Hideko has pulled up around himself & she finds out why he is the way he is & why he created Warcross in the first place. As Emika gets closer to Hideko some very emotional themes are brought to the forefront & some great issues are covered. At first I wasn’t overly fond of the relationship that was building between Hideko & Emika, but it was necessary to the plot & in the end helped to build up some massive plot twists.

The team that Emika ends up working with during her time playing in the Warcross Championships were a very diverse group, with a DISABLED character right in the middle of the plot, as well as characters from all different backgrounds & of all different ethnicities, plus there were some same-sex relationships thrown into the mix as well. Warcross (the book) is a brilliant example of how a writer can include many different types of characters, without it feeling forced or fake; Warcross (the game) is also set up so that almost anyone can partake, as long as they have access to the right equipment. There was more than one disabled character mentioned within the first half of the book which made me squeal with happiness & I loved that Marie had considered the fact that someone with disabilities could be just as good, or better, at the game, than an abled person could be.

The plot of the book itself was wonderfully creative, and generally unpredictable – for the most part I was surprised at what happened next & it was really fun to get involved in Marie Lu’s world. Warcross (the book) has a lot more levels to it than you would initially think & Marie has considered the consequences of a game like this becoming so popular; one of the darker consequences was really interesting & I’d love to read a short novella about this part of Warcross (the game). Although I worked out part of the ending I was still left surprised by the final twist in the book & I cannot wait for the sequel… if I’m honest I didn’t actually realise that Warcross was going to be part of a series (I’ve been avoiding reading anything about it to avoid spoilers) so when the book finished on a huge cliff-hanger I wanted to scream.

Overall I was beyond satisfied with Warcross, Marie has done amazingly well with this book & I’m praying that the sequel will be just as good! Literally everyone needs to Add to goodreadspreorder this book because it’ll blow your socks off:
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Thank you again (for like, the 100th time) to Joana for hosting her Twitter giveaway because it meant that I was able to experience this incredible story.


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