Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday involves me picking a book or book series
I’ve previously read to talk about, today I’m going to discuss
The Wolves of Mercy Falls series by Maggie Stiefvater.

The Wolves of Mercy Falls has three main books, Shiver, Linger & Forever, & one extra book called Sinner; the books follow the stories of a group of teenagers who are all affected by the group of werewolves that live in the woods next to their small town. Grace is obsessed by the wolves & refuses to hate them, even when a boy is killed. Isabel is the sister of that boy & wants the wolves dead. Sam is a boy that carries far too many secrets. Cole is a drug addicted rockstar that decides to take a unique path, as oppose to committing suicide.


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Happy Book Birthday to Seasons of the Moon by Julien Aranda (translated by Roland Glasser)

Seasons of the MoonToday is the day Seasons of the Moon by Julien Aranda is released! Seasons of the Moon is a steady moving story about a man who goes on a journey to find the daughter of a Nazi solider, whose dying wish is for his daughter to know that he loves her. Or so I thought. This is only part of the story; we also follow protagonist Paul as he grows from a boy to a man, works for the French army, marries the love of his life, & fulfills his childhood dream of becoming a sailor.

I received an eARC from the publisher, AmazonCrossing,
in return for an honest review.

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Medical Mondays

Unfortunately I won’t be posting a Medical Mondays post today as I haven’t pre-written anything & I’m too tired to do so today… which is actually a little ironic. Hopefully things will be back to normal next week, when I’m hoping to write a post about my interstitial cystitis, so stay tuned!

Syringomyelia Saturdays

Ross’s Story

Chiari Malformation 1This weeks Syringomyelia Saturdays post has been written by an online friend of mine called Ross. Ross doesn’t just have syringomyelia, he also has a condition called Chiari Malformation; a condition that often comes hand-in-hand with syringomyelia. There are two types of Chiari Malformation; the most common type is Type 1 & involves the back of the brain slipping onto the spinal canal; this puts pressure on the brainstem & spinal cord which causes a whole bunch of issues. You can read more on the NHS website & you’ll find Ross’s story below!

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Who Runs The World by Virginia Bergin

Who Runs The WorldThis is going to be a review full of mixed opinions – in some ways I really enjoyed this book, but there were also some things about it that I really, really didn’t like as well. The premise of this novel was something that really interested me; who wouldn’t be curious about a world without men?! And I did find myself invested in the plot… but, the main character really annoyed me & there were some features of this version of the future that I didn’t think were right, & some which seemed a bit sexist.

This review will contain some spoilers.

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Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday involves me picking a book or book series I’ve previously read to talk about, today I’m going to discuss The Half Bad trilogy by Sally Green!

The Half Bad Trilogy follows the story of Nathan, a boy whose mother was a good witch & whose father is the most evil witch in the world. The series takes us through Nathan’s fight against a world that sees him as an abomination, & his journey of meeting his father & finding out the truth about the relationship his parents once had. We also get thrown headfirst into a very deeply rooted fight between good & evil, something that is both a lot bigger than Nathan, but also totally revolved around him & his existence. This series is full of action, strength & emotion, & I loved it.


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Happy Book Birthday to The Red Ribbon by Lucy Adlington

The Red RibbonToday one of my favourite reads of the year is finally being released into the big wide world! The Red Ribbon by Lucy Adlington is an emotional rollercoaster that filled me with so much sadness, but also so much hope.

The Red Ribbon tells the story of Ella, a young Jewish girl who is sent to Auschwitz during The Second World War. In order to survive Ella uses her skills as a seamstress to gain some favour from the Nazis keeping her captive – but as time goes on Ella starts to realise the harsh reality of what she’s living through & things start to crash down around her.

You can find my full review of this gorgeous story here.

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