Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday involves me picking a book I’ve previously read to talk about, today I’m going to discuss The Matthew Swift series by Kate Griffin.

The Matthew Swift series is made up of four books; A Madness of Angels, The Midnight Mayor, The Neon Court & The Minority Council. Through the power of magical realism readers are pulled into the city of London, but in a way that no one ever has been before. These books are full of magic, mystery, humour, friendship & are overflowing with fantasy; this series swallowed me whole & changed the way I look at London forever.


The series follows Matthew Swift as he wakes up two years after his “untimely death” with the overpowering desire to seek vengeance; helps fight against the spirits that are taking down the magical wards that guard London as The Midnight Mayor; tries to contain a war after the death of Lady Neon & tries to stop a new magical drug from overtaking the city.

When I read this series I was beyond obsessed with it – I fell head-over-heels in love with Matthew; I remember finding him hilarious & his subtle arrogance so endearing, & I loved how London was portrayed. London is one of my favourite places & I have always found it a mystifying & magical, & this series illustrated that so, so well. Whenever I go to London I always look at it differently because of this series & I love imagining that everything that goes on in the book could really be happening whilst I’m there, hidden amongst all the busy business men & women & the intrigued tourists. If you’ve never been to London but want to experience how magical it is then read this series, & if you love London like I do, then read this series.

The world-building for the series was ridiculously extensive; every aspect of London’s character was included in the magic & so much thought has gone into making London sound as wonderful as possible. If you’ve read Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman then you’ll want to read this series as well as a lot of the themes are similar; to be honest in some ways it would be possible for the two versions of London to coincide.

This is one series that I know I will always own because I will end up re-reading it several times during my lifetime – it made me so happy & I was oblivious of everything else going on around me whilst I was in the pages of this series. If you click on the titles in the introduction you’ll be taken to the GoodReads pages for each book & I’ll stick the buying links below (seriously, please buy these books & then rave with me about how amazing they are).






A Madness of Angels: |

The Midnight Mayor: |

The Neon Court: |

The Minority Council: |

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