To Look A Nazi in the Eye by Kathy Kacer & Jordana Lebowitz

To Look A Nazi in the EyeThis book is based on a true story but is told from a third-person perspective & Kathy Kacer has written the tale with so much emotion & care. Jordana went to so much effort to make sure that she would be able to tell this story to the world & I for one am very grateful that she did. To Look A Nazi in the Eye isn’t an easy read, but it is an important & interesting one that will stay with me forever. I want to recommend this book to every single person on this planet, because history like this should not, & cannot be allowed to be forgotten.

I was sent an eARC of this book in return for an honest review.

Warning: This book contains discussion of anti-semitic views & the horrific tales of went on in the concentration camps during World War 2.

I always find books like this incredibly difficult to review; I never feel like I have the right to review writing that is based on true events, but even more so when the events are types like these. I am not Jewish & therefore my own personal emotions from during this read aren’t of great importance & so I will not talk much about them, & this review will be short.

I have great respect for Jordana – she went to a lot of trouble to make sure that she would be able to witness this moment in history & it is incredible that she did so, & it is even more incredible that she made sure to write it all down. Kathy has then turned Jordana’s experience into an eloquently written tale that pinpoints the importance & magnitude of the trial of Oskar Groening.

To Look A Nazi in the Eye is jam-packed full of details from the trial & tells the reader everything they may want to know; Oskar’s statement was harrowing & made me want to scream, but the testimonies of the Jewish witnesses broke my heart, as well as educated me. This book is incredibly important & it is one that I think should be in every school library on the planet – it is mentioned in the book that we cannot be allowed to forget this particular branch of history so that it doesn’t repeat itself & I couldn’t agree more.

There is no doubt in my mind that this book will educate & shock every single reader, but I also don’t doubt its importance in our current world. Please preorder yourself a copy by clicking the links below: |

Add to goodreadsYou can also follow Kathy Kacer on Twitter & GoodReads – Kathy has written an abundance of other books that are all based on the Second World War & I cannot wait to get my hands on them.


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