Uprooted by Naomi Novik


This book contains a scene of attempted rape.



Uprooted is officially on my list of the best books I have ever read; there is so much depth & magic to this story, & I was enchanted by every single word. This is a fairytale, but so much more & the ending was so peaceful & charming that I wanted to cry. This is going to be a hard review to write because I just want to repeatedly say THIS BOOK IS AMAZING.




This book’s very first chapter was jam-packed full of information about the story & it left me totally immersed in its world. Very quickly I learnt about the setting & its history, as well as most of the main characters; within 24 pages I knew everything I needed to know to get involved in this story & it was a very effective way to write an opening chapter.

Agnieszka, our main character, is clumsy & messy, & she ends up stealing the place of the perfect & pretty Kasia. Everyone thinks Kasia is going to be the one to be whisked away by the mysterious wizard that protects the people of the valley, but for an unknown reason Agnieszka is taken instead. This starts an exciting & stomach-churning story full of adventure, fear, magic, passion, mystery & corruption.

I loved this story; very quickly it started to feel like a complex & grown-up fairytale that I knew was going to completely swallow me up. I was on edge of my seat for so much of the read, wondering what on earth was going to happen next & I could never really work out what was round the corner. As soon as I had got my head around the plot & as soon as I thought I understood what was happening, Naomi would twist the plot right on it’s head & I’d be left in total & utter shock. The story continued to get more & more complex with every chapter & when I finally finished the book, I was in frozen & numb.

Uprooted is such an original tale, but in some ways felt like it could have been set in Northern Westeros, hundreds of years before A Song of Ice & Fire is set, before the Wall was built & the corrupted Wood was what is beyond the wall. Uprooted shared a lot of themes with A Song of Ice & Fire, it was just shorter, less violent & aimed at a slightly younger audience, but it definitely contained the same kind of addictiveness as ASOI&F.

The different settings we visit during this read were all written with a lot of care & imagination, & this world sounds truly magical. The descriptions of the Wood chilled me to my core, but also made me curious. I loved visiting the Court, but what I loved more was how confused Agnieszka was, Naomi considered the fact that a girl like Agnieszka would have no idea how to behave in that kind of environment & I loved that she didn’t try to be someone she wasn’t.

As well as a wonderful story & setting, Uprooted also had some fab characters. Agnieszka & the Dragon reminded me a little of Disney’s Rapunzel & Flynn, with his bad moods & her skittish personality. Dragon made me laugh throughout & I came to absolutely adore his stubbornness & arrogance; Agnieszka was a very strong female lead, a woman of courage but also one full of love & empathy for everyone around her. I also became very fond of Kasia, I didn’t think I would care for her as much as I did but she was so wonderful that I couldn’t help but admire & adore her – she was strong & turned something awful into something wonderful.

If you haven’t already worked it out, I really enjoyed this book, it was totally mesmerising & I wish I could read it for the first time all over again. The ending was utter perfection, but it was so delicate that I felt like it could shatter like glass; the time I spent reading the last few chapters was a very content time & I felt very relaxed & complete. I honestly can’t think of a way in which the ending could have been better. I want to scream at everyone to pick up this book because it was just so incredible. I’m broken hearted that I have to return it to the library, but one day, when I can afford to, I will buy my own copy.

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6 thoughts on “Uprooted by Naomi Novik

    • I hadn’t heard much about it to be honest, I randomly picked it up in the library because I recognised the title! So happy I read it though, I was in a trance for the entire book.


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