Prom Queen Perfect by Clarisse David

Prom Queen Perfect

This short story is super cute but also quite funny & a little sad too. The story focuses on Little Miss Popular, Alex dela Cruz, & how she learns that being popular & beautiful isn’t what matters in the real world. This story actually made me think quite a lot & left me rather nostalgic.

Some small spoilers.



My first thought about this story is a question… are some high schools really like this?! I went to an all-girls school, so there was a lot of bitching & there was of course the popular girls; but I never remember social ranking being as important as it was to Alex… maybe it only matters to girls like Alex? Or maybe it’s like that at Asia Pacific because they’re all rich & social connections are important in that world. Who knows?! Either way, I found the concept really interesting & Alex’s personality & priorities made me laugh. I can certainly remember a few girls that thought of themselves as highly as Alex thought of herself.

Despite this story being about Alex’s social status & priorities, we also get a bit of an insight into Alex’s home life & how her parents haven’t been around much for her. We get an idea of what it can be like for some children who grow up with rich parents that are hardly ever around because they’re always working; we also get an idea of what it can be like to have parents who have very high expectations. This kind of parenting left Alex prioritising the wrong things, but also lead her to believe that what really matters is what people think of you – she of course learns that this isn’t really the case.

Once upon a time I would’ve loved to have been like Christy – I would’ve done anything to have been picked up by the popular girls & moulded & fixed so that I could be what people considered interesting & what boys considered beautiful. Instead, I floated from one friendship group to another, without any real idea of who I was or who I wanted to be. I even remember there being a time when one of the popular girls told me she’d take me shopping & help me pick out some nice, and less emo, clothes for our next non-school uniform day (this never actually happened though). I was never outwardly bullied, but I was occasionally picked on by the popular girls & I was often made to feel like I was nothing. Even thinking back to these times makes me feel really sad. I wonder who I would be now, if that girl had taken me shopping & helped to change me so I could fit in?

I don’t know is Clarisse wrote this story in an attempt to get readers to think as deeply as I have done, but either way, she’s done a fab job with this short story… I think she could’ve got a full length novel out of this idea though. I enjoyed this little read & found it very entertaining, it made me laugh & it made me think deeply.

You can find Prom Queen Perfect here: | & you can follow Clarisse on Twitter!


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