The Wolves in the Walls by Neil Gaiman


Wolves & a main character called Lucy? Why didn’t I read books like this when I was a child?!

Brilliant illustrations by Dave Mckean & a story full of strangeness & great imagination, but what else would you expect from Neil Gaiman? The story is totally original & utterly random & as a reader, I couldn’t help but read the book in a dramatic voice.

My mum has been reading this to the children she teaches at a primary school & she said I would enjoy it so I got myself a copy! The book made me laugh & I loved the drawings that accompanied the writing. The words are enticing & thrilling for children, as well as 21 year olds, & I’m sure quite spooky too! I cannot wait until I have children so I can read them books like this!!

You can purchase the book here: | & follow Neil Gaiman on Twitter!


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