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Better You Magnesium Original Flakes

MagensiumA member of one of the syringomyelia Facebook pages that I’m a part of posted a few weeks ago, telling us all about a new bath product she had tried. Better You Magnesium Original Flakes claim to “aid in skin and bone health and relief from muscle stiffness and cramping” so I thought I would give them a go.

I ordered mine for £6.55 from just over two weeks ago and I am genuinely surprised about how well they have worked! On Saturday my boyfriend dragged me out into the sunshine to go for a walk around a market & we then went to some local woods for a walk about. Once the day was over we must have walked a fair few miles & I was preparing myself to be in agony for the next few days… but somehow I wasn’t!

Before we went out I had a morning bath, using my Palmolive Lavender bubble bath & the magnesium flakes; I also had another quick one to soak my legs when I arrived home that evening. I woke up the next morning with a disgusting migraine that lasted through the day, but my body didn’t ache nearly as much as I had expected! Then, when I woke up on Monday morning my body only hurt its usual amount… I’m genuinely so surprised (usually it takes me a few days to recover from this sort of thing)!

I will say that I change my morphine patches every Saturday & had put a new one on that morning, so that may well have helped ease my pain after my very busy Saturday afternoon, but there is no doubt in my mind that these flakes helped as well.

Now, the packet suggests that you use 250g of flakes & that you have one of these baths 2 to 3 times a week, but I use around 225g (that’s just because of the size of the cup I use to measure it out) & usually only have 2 of these baths per week (I’ve had 5 so far including the two I had on Saturday). I obviously cannot confirm that these flakes will work for everyone who suffers from joint & muscle issues but for me it has worked so I wanted to write about it so that other people can try them out. I haven’t noticed any improvement in my skin though, so I personally can’t recommend it for that.


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