Why You & Your Friends Need to Avoid “Touch No One” by Joseph Hirsch

Disclaimer: I received an eARC of this book in return for an honest review.

This review contains racist, sexist, ableist & transphobic quotes.34063470

I stopped reading this book when I got 11% (I didn’t even finish the third chapter) into it as I am disgusted by the language the writer has used.

My concerns first started when the word “free walking femme” was used, I believe this is this world’s name for a prostitute – the term is incredibly sexist & the fact that the prostitute is referred to as ‘free walking’ really bothered me; why wouldn’t she be free walking? Because men pay her for sex, therefore she isn’t free? No thanks.

My second issue arose at 3%, when the term “daddy issues” was used – this term makes me incredibly angry & makes light of mental health issues caused by bad parenting.

Next, Hirsch has written “…although most of that was suicides flinging themselves in front of the snake” (the snake is a form of transportation). This line bothered me because, 1. people who commit suicide are not “suicides” they were mentally unwell people who should have got the help they needed, & 2. the line was incredibly unnecessary to the story, so Hirsch has offended me for literally no reason at all.

At 8% Hirsch used the word “spastic” – CAN YOU NOT.

Next we had this passage:
” I only asked because I thought maybe he had a tranny mod, or he was getting transition boosters. Who knows?”
He shook his head. “We thought of that. He was all man…”

And finally,

I turned to the little brown man whose face was a reconstructed putty of flesh torn apart by something like napalm. Doing cyberpychosis tests was dangerous, but work was scarce for those few from the Edge who immigrated into one of the main Nodes. They knew that being expendable was still better than being hunted” – so y’all hunt “little brown men” & think they’re expendable, okaaaaaaaaaay.

SO! Within the first 11% of this book we have sexism, making fun of mental health issues, ableism, transphobia and racism. I cannot believe this book has been published, I totally disgusted by it & I feel awful for anyone else who has read this book & has been offended by the disgusting language used. I also can’t believe so many people have read it & enjoyed it! I’m so done.


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