Wild by Hannah Moskowitz


This book was so, so wonderful. I seem to be reading more romances now & it’s because I’ve discovered writers that don’t make it awful & awkward to read. Hannah made this book so real that I didn’t cringe once… It was so much more than just a romance though.




I really loved this book because it taught me stuff, & anyone who follows my reviews will know that I love to learn through fiction. It’s my thing. I knew a lot less about sign language & deaf life than I thought I did & it’s made me realise that I absolutely need to teach myself more about it.

Another reason this book was brilliant was because everything was natural & real. I worry that some books that are truly diverse may feel forced, but despite all of the diverse issues included in the book it didn’t feel at all forced. The characters were just real people living real lives with real problems; none of that perfect-life rubbish you normally get in fiction.

Hannah’s writing was also wonderful. I’ve been meaning to read one of her books for so, so long (and I’m an awful person for it taking this long) & I’m really happy I picked this one to break my exam season revision ban; I broke the ban as I was in hospital & this story really helped me through all the waiting for test results.

Basically, I really loved this book & my only criticism is that it wasn’t long enough! I’d love it if Hannah wrote a sequel so I can know what happens next; I want to be a part of these character’s lives… I want to make sure that they’re all going to be okay. I’d also really love to hug them.

This is the kind of book everyone needs to read because it teaches the reader really important things & because Hannah is a fabulous person that deserves an incredible career.

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