Save Our NHS

nye bevan quote-1 (3)Yesterday afternoon, at around 16:10 I took myself to Accident and Emergency. Over 6 hours later, I got home at 22:51.

I arrived at the hospital with a sample of urine and the knowledge, after taking a home test, that it was very likely I had a kidney infection. I have been advised by specialists that, due to my medical history, renal infections could cause serious damage to my bladder and/or kidneys and in the past, this has been respected by the hospital staff and I have been hooked up to IV antibiotics within an hour of arriving… Yesterday it took over five hours for me to be given IV antibiotics. The doctor treating me was wonderful and was shocked when she found out how long, after receiving my urine test results back from pathology, I had been forced to wait to be given my antibiotics. Other than that, my personal experience wasn’t that bad, but what I witnessed was.

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