China Dolls by Lisa See

china dollsThis book was such a journey. I love Lisa’s writing because she tells so many different stories within one book… because of the time period it’s obvious the war is going to be a part of the book, but even with that knowledge it took me by surprise because I was so gripped by a completely different story! The way it crept up on me as a reader made me realise that the war and the rounding up of the Japanese etc. all came quite suddenly and that things related to war affected people when their focuses were elsewhere. The suddenness of it made it so much more real and so much more emotional.

The three girls were definitely a bunch of characters; Grace was definitely my favourite throughout, I felt a connection with her and was rooting for her to succeed the whole time! Helen was full of surprises; at first I really liked her and then I wasn’t so sure and then I really didn’t like her and now that I’ve finished the book I’m not sure how I feel about her. As for Ruby… I absolutely hated her!! A few times I felt myself starting to warm to her but then she did something and I went back to hating her. But, my opinions on the girls vastly improved my enjoyment of the book – the dynamics of the friendships kept me interested and I never wanted the book to end. Even though the girls all had their faults, none of them were really portrayed as the bad guy, which made the book more real and interesting. I have to admit though, Grace is a lot more forgiving than I could ever be.

I really, really didn’t want this book to end because it was like I was reading a proper life story. The book was pulled over such a long period of time that you really become a part of what you’re reading, and Lisa’s quality of writing just made it so much harder to put the book down. I love Lisa’s style of writing so, so much. In all three of her books that I’ve read recently she’s managed to totally pull me in and I’ve grown attached to all of the characters and their stories, regardless of whether I liked them or not. Lisa’s writing really makes you a part of something and she’s by far one of my favourite authors now. I can’t wait until my exams are over so I can move onto the next of Lisa’s books.

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