Dreams of Joy by Lisa See


I am so emotional right now; Lisa See’s writing is magnificent and I’m so in love with this book and its predecessor. I was nervous about reading this book because I loved the first one so much and I was worried this one wouldn’t compare to the first, but wow it did!



At first I found Joy annoying, but her character development has made me adore her endlessly. I still love Pearl, like I always have done, and I’m kinda happy May wasn’t the center of focus in this book. I felt so many emotions during this read and it’s honestly impossible for me to put all of them into words…. my heart broke and burst so many times throughout this read and Lisa See’s writing is so, so powerful. I also learnt a lot from this book, which is something I always adore about historical fiction, and I met some characters that have firm places in my heart. I love that Lisa’s characters all have faults and that she doesn’t hide them, but instead embraces them and celebrates them.

I hope that one day there’s another book in this series – I want to know about their lives back in America so much.

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