Shanghai Girls by Lisa See


Woah, the last part of this book has left me breathless – the pace was upped fantastically and WOW I need to read the second book asap. I loved this book after the first couple of chapters and knew immediately that I’d need to read more of Lisa See’s books.




The character building was of top quality throughout and I really feel like I know Pearl. At times May really annoyed me, she wasn’t serious enough for me, but I like that the sisters are opposites. This story wasn’t about a happy ending; it was about telling the truth and about creating a realistic life for realistic characters – things would be great and then something would happen to make it not-so-great, which helped make the story seem so very, very real. I suspect there were people whose lives planned out how Pearl and May’s have, and at times it honestly felt like I was reading a true story. There were so many surprises throughout and all of the characters surprised me at one time or another. This book has so many layers to it and, as I’ve said, it was written so well that it felt like real life… why hasn’t this book been made into a TV show?!

So, so much happened in this book and I’m hungry to read the sequel – I hate that I can’t afford to buy it right this second and that I instead have to wait for it to be available at the library 😦 I want to know where the character’s lives are going – although there is one particular character that won’t be in the sequel and I am so sad, because I was in love with said character. I don’t know what else to say other than I loved this book SO much and it’s definitely going on my favourites list!

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