Honey Glazed (The Continental Breakfast Club Book 3) by Pamela Ford

Honey Glazed


I honestly didn’t think I could enjoy a book in this series any more than I enjoyed the last one, but I was wrong – Honey Glazed was fantastic.





I really, really don’t do romances but for some reason this series has etched itself onto my heart. Pamela has managed, at least on three occasions, to come up with beautiful, light-hearted and funny stories of falling in love and everytime she makes my heart burst. I read this book, like I did with Fresh Brewed, in one sitting and there was never a moment I considered putting it down; I smiled continuously, cringed at the awkward parts and my heart shattered at the sad parts. I want to pick it back up and read it all over again, right now.

I adore all of the girls in this series but so far Kristin is the one I’ve connected to the most – she overthinks things just like I do and is just as much of a drama queen as I am. I understood all of her thinking and I know there’s a large chance I’d react how she did if I were in the situations she was. She made me laugh so much and I got her straight away (even if she is a lot more polite than I normally am). Drew was a great character too, and it took me a while to work him out – I also wondered at one point if Nate was going to end up having a different role than he did. I also want to say that I hated Carly and her ending brought me great joy. Yet again the plot was perfect, as was the writing and nothing about it was cheesy enough to make me hate it.

I love, lovelove this series and I cannot wait until the next book is announced. I will forever be grateful to Pamela for sending me the first two books in the series to review for her as I’m sure these books will live on my bookshelves for many years to come.


Over Easy (The Continental Breakfast Club book #1)
Fresh Brewed (The Continental Breakfast Club book #2)

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