The UnLeashed (The UnDelightened #2) by Bentz Deyo

The UnLeashedWell then, that was emotional. I cried twice and both times for the same characters. The UnLeashed was full of plot-twists and exciting scenes, despite moving at a slightly slower pace than the first book did.

Disclaimer: I received an eARC of this book from the author in return for an honest review!
This review contains some minor spoilers!

As readers we got to learn more about who Leam really is inside, the good and the bad, but also saw new sides to both Sebastian and Gideon too. The vast world building that had been started in the first book continued on wonderfully, giving more information about both the Dark and the Light communities and what it is that they want to achieve. This book spent more time revolved around Sebastian than the first did, which I liked because we didn’t see much of him in the first book. Additionally, regardless of the fact that Eloa wasn’t in main focus most of the time, Bentz has still managed to help us learn more about her and the type of person she is growing up to be. Not unlike the first book, The UnLeashed had many plot-twists, has left me with many questions and also ended on a cliff-hanger with a severely long drop. Knowing this is only the second out of five books solidifies to me that this series still has a lot more to offer and that this is still just the start of something wonderful. I cannot wait for the next installment.

The UnDelightened (The UnDelightened book #1)

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